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Nataliya Adelson (Princeton, NJ)

Altgate Partners, LLC
Altgate Partners offers end-to-end accelerated leadership development programs, senior executive assessment and coaching, and targeted organizational development solutions. At the core of our approach are accelerated leadership development solutions devised to help leaders elevate their game by becoming more self-aware, strategic, and effective in rapidly changing environments. Our solutions and programs are “evidence-based” and ensure sustainable results.

We are passionate about enabling leaders, their teams, and broader organizations to transform the way they think and operate, to be able to elevate their leadership and succeed in the new reality of a global, interconnected world full of challenges and opportunities.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Maribel Aleman (Wall Township, NJ)

Aleman & Associates
Vision, Agility, Leadership, Accountability, Results. Whether the focus is on developing a Leader’s strengths; liberating a Team from mediocrity; or enhancing the Organization’s capacity to engage and inspire its talent, Maribel partners with her clients so they can define and create their success. With unwavering integrity, transparency and honest dialogue, Maribel coaches her clients to manage their strengths and critical weaknesses, as well as, the “triggers” that either help or hinder their success.

Certifications: Hogan        

Candace Alexander (Boston, MA)

Candace Alexander Coaching, LLC
I focus on helping Executives and individuals reach their highest leadership potential. With 25+ years of corporate experience in the areas of finance, strategic planning, valuation, acquisitions, divestitures and the launching of new businesses coupled with leadership development experience allow me to provide a unique experience and skill set to my coaching engagements, because I have faced many of the same business challenges my clients are facing. I am an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC). credentialed coach.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Wendy Alfus Rothman (New York, NY)

Wenroth Consulting, Psychology at Work
Wenroth is a consortium of business psychologists with a focus on career management across the lifespan. Through testing and coaching, we help as people are selected and move into organizations, as they perform inside them, and as they transition to new ones.

Wendy Alfus-Rothman, president of Wenroth, is uniquely qualified as a resource for assessments and subsequent leadership coach: she has an extensive history of successful entrepreneurship, combined with advanced psychometric discipline.
Frequent speaker at Harvard, NYU Stern, and Columbia business schools as well as major corporations, Wendy is quoted extensively in the Wall Street Journal and other publications related to leadership and performance management.

Combining the science of personality with the art of behavior at work, we help people get more of what they want out of what they do every day, and have fun doing it.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Susan Alvey (Cambridge, MA)

Pemberton Coaching
Susan is an executive coach based in Boston MA and works with clients around the world. She leverages the Hogan (and other) assessments to guide leaders in gaining awareness of their style and impact. With this knowledge, they can choose to make adjustments which will improve their impact. In addition to her private clients, Susan coaches participants in executive education programs at Harvard Business School and moderates leadership programs for corporate clients of Harvard Business Publishing. She is accustomed to coaching using face-to-face and virtual methods.

Certifications: Hogan        

Deborah Annes (San Francisco, CA)

Deborah Annes Consulting
Organizational Psychologist with 20 years experience in the field.

Started facilitating leadership development in the military.

Completed a 3 year internship with Marshal Goldsmith (Marshall Goldsmith is recognized as one of the world's leading executive educators and coaches by the Harvard Business Review) as part of the Ph.D.

Moved up into executive positions with P&L responsibility responsibility and coached leadership, teams and organizations while working at consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and Oliver Wyman.

Started own Organizational Behavior consulting firm in 2003.

Certifications: Hogan        

John Baker (Nelsonville, OH)

Influence On Purpose
Principle, Influence On Purpose
“If you can’t find the good in people, you are not qualified to lead them. A sign of character is your ability to find the good in people. A sign of leadership is your ability to help them develop and apply those gifts. If you can’t do the first, you won’t be able to do the second.”

John is the founder and principle of Influence On Purpose, a consulting firm dedicated to designing and building cultures, leaders and careers based on company and individual values. Influence On Purpose provides training and coaching that helps leaders and key employees align their personal and team contributions with the values and purpose of the company

Prior to starting Influence on purpose, John served as the Chief Organization/Operations Officer for Robinson investments. He continues to work with Robinsons as a retained executive. His role is to help the company to shape itself for continued growth and success through leadership and organizational development.

Prior to joining Robinson Investments, John was Chief Human Capital Officer, director of Leadership Development and Executive Coaching at Sequent, where he provided strategic level training and coaching to Executives and leadership teams. Both as an executive of Sequent and for select consulting clients. He assisted leaders and organizations to achieve their next level of success by developing skills and behaviors that aligned with the goals of the company.

John is a member of the Human Capital Institute and is a certified Master Human Capital Strategist

Certifications: Hogan        

Deborah Bateman (Phoenix, AZ)

Deborah Bateman LLC
My mission is to motivate and inspire individuals to open their minds and hearts to excel personally and professionally through coaching, inner discovery, and cultural exposure. My practice is to unleash the power within, by focusing on who you are, and where you want to go in life.

Certifications: Hogan        

Dan Berger (Stony Brook, NY)

Group Dynamics USA
Dan Berger is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years experience in consulting and advising companies. He holds a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Services include executive coaching, team alignment, dispute resolution, transition planning and helping companies establish a professional work culture. He has co-authored a book: Flow of Work and the Company's Fortune: A Play Book for Productivity.

Certifications: Hogan        

Carol Bergeron (Burlington, MA)

Bergeron Associates
For 25+ years through consulting, coaching, and facilitation services, Carol has helped leaders achieve their strategic objectives through talent solutions such as: developing the next generation of top talent, people succession, workforce planning and integration, and organizational performance. Carol is the author of “People Succession: Lessons from Forward Thinking Executives in Middle-Market Companies”.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Katherine Bittner (Barto, PA)

Bittner and Associates, LLC
Bittner and Associates is a consulting firm employing Industrial/Organizational Psychologists with over 25+ years of internal and external global consulting experience. We specialize in leveraging “C suite” and senior executives’ leadership potential and performance. Our specific areas of expertise include executive coaching as well as executive assessment and development.

Certifications: Hogan        

Charles Blevins II (Southgate, MI)

Chuck has been in the restaurant business for 20+ years and can help connect the dots with Emotional Intelligence and how it can impact operations.

Certifications: Hogan        

Kayrnne Bochicchio (Glastonbury, CT)

ACCEL Leadership & Team Consulting, LLC
Kayrnne Bochicchio is a Certified Executive Coach and Principal for ACCEL Leadership & Team Consulting, LLC specializing in executive coaching, career planning, leadership training and team development. Kayrnne’s passion is helping individuals and teams unleash their potential to accelerate growth and effectiveness. She has over 20 years of experience with fortune 500 companies championing development efforts and employee engagement, and she has helped prepare thousands of leaders to take on new roles and responsibilities, from emerging leaders to successors for C-suite positions. She uses the Hogan assessment tools for coaching leaders and in talent development programs.

Certifications: Hogan        

Pam Boney (Raleigh, NC)

Tilt, Inc.
Advisor and Executive Coach for Mission Critical Leaders. Expert in Strengths-Based Leadership Assessment and Development.

Certifications: Hogan        

Deanna Brown (Philadelphia, PA)

LifeSpeak, LLC
Deanna is owner and principal of LifeSpeak, LLC. She has over 20 years experience working with executives to enhance organizational and business performance. She assists clients to achieve business results by applying practical organizational effectiveness consulting and executive coaching methods. She uses precision and intuitive diagnostics to spotlight opportunities with greatest potential for growth and shortest time to improved performance. She energizes and challenges clients to grow as leaders and engage their organizations in transformation, turning generalized vision into specific actions. Clients include companies in turbulent industries--financial services, healthcare and biotech.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jennifer Buchholz (Stamford, CT)

AWE Enterprise
AWE Enterprise creates Abundant, Well & Enlightened businesses and people by offering holistic education, tools and advisory services to companies resulting transformation of the workplace from inefficient, unhealthy and uninspiring environments to high energy, positive, alive, healthy environments in which people can thrive and be their optimal selves.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Curt Buermeyer (Herndon, VA)

LeadPeople LLC
If you're like most people, you KNOW you can be more effective, and have more success in your career.

To figure out how to get from here to there, start with:

1) learning who you are (the Hogan HPI is a great tool to get you thinking),

2) articulating what you really want (what is "success" for you?),

3) understanding what fuels you (the MVPI is a great conversation starter),

4) seeing how YOU can be your "own worst enemy" (the Hogan HDS will show how you are at risk of shooting yourself in the foot)

Get a free Hogan, check out my leadership blog ( and email me at I'll tell you more about me and LeadPeople LLC when we chat. Cheers!

Certifications: Hogan        

Karen Burke (Boxborough, MA)

Corporate Navigator Coach
I am Karen Burke, mechanical engineer and lifelong advocate for brilliant, analytical leaders in engineering, technology, finance, science, and law.
I partner with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, VPs and Directors whose left-brained, black & white way of thinking has them STUCK.

Translation? Together, we will unlock your potential, draw out your unique leadership talents, and give you the tools to communicate more effectively with less conflict.

- Develop your executive presence
- Show up as an authentic leader
- Earn the respect you deserve without isolating your colleagues
- Build unparalleled confidence
- Rebrand your office persona to demonstrate your impactful leadership
- Reach your next level of success!

While I guarantee that there will be times during this process when you are way outside of your comfort zone, I also promise you that you’re going to be shocked (shocked!) at the career and personal changes you make once you take these next steps!

Certifications: Hogan        

Mark Campbell (Newton, MA)

M. J. Campbell Associates
Mark Campbell is an organizational consultant specializing in executive
coaching. In addition to his consulting, Mark teaches two courses in
communications to physicians and physician leaders at the Harvard School
of Public Health. Prior to starting his consulting practice, M. J. Campbell
Associates in 1994, Mark worked in human resource management for
twenty-five years.
Mark is the author of Five Gifts of Insightful Leaders and The Healthcare Leader’s Guide to Succeeding in a New Position.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Karen Carmody, MBA, PCC ( Boston, MA)

Chrysalis Coaching & Consulting
Karen Carmody, MBA, PCC

Karen Carmody is the Founder and President of Chrysalis Coaching & Consulting. She is a seasoned multi-dimensional business leader with 20+ years of diverse functional experience including executive and team coaching, organizational development, management consulting, strategic planning, operations, and legal. Her diverse industry experience includes financial services, bio/pharma, healthcare, insurance, professional services, and government. She is an experienced executive and team coach, consultant, facilitator, and trainer.

Karen earned her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Northeastern University. She is a Certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by International Coach Federation (ICF). She holds advanced coaching certifications in emotional intelligence, team coaching, and somatic coaching. Karen is certified administrator of various individual, team, and organizational assessment tools. Her areas of specialty include:

- Leadership Development
- Career Management
- Executive Presence
- Emotional Intelligence
- Team Effectiveness
- Change Management

Certifications: Hogan        

Stephen Carr (Boston, MA)

Stephen Carr Associates, Inc.
STEPHEN CARR, PCC is a certified, Boston-based Executive Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker with over 30 years of experience in coaching, consulting and managing at sales, general and executive management levels. He has brought a unique perspective and a focused approach to executive coaching for the last 14 years as the principal of Stephen Carr Associates, Inc. Stephen integrates strong leadership experience, communication skills, and business background with a natural talent for seeing the best in people. Stephen helps his clients transform their executive performance, leadership presence, interpersonal communication and organizational results by helping them to recognize and utilize their natural and unique strengths with increased skill and confidence.

Certifications: Hogan        

Cecilia Carter (New Rochelle, NY)

The Strategy Chick
Cecilia Carter is an executive coach, known for her intuitive and visionary coaching style. Inspirational and compassionate she assists clients in creating breakthrough strategies and sustainable change.
Whether the goal is organizational transformation or personal development, Cecilia
incorporates her unique combination of communications, diversity and human resource
experience in her coaching practice. Beginning with assessments and interviews, her detailed
process helps executives define clear goals, break through roadblocks and customize
strategies to increase their effectiveness. Cecilia delivers laser-focused feedback with
compassion to assist clients in aligning their strengths and talents to achieve their goals

Certifications: Hogan        

Joe Casey (Princeton, NJ)

Princeton Executive Coaching, LLC
Joe Casey is an independent Executive Coach based in Princeton, NJ. He brings extensive experience with personal and organizational change to his coaching approach.

  Prior to becoming an executive coach, Joe spent 26 years at Merrill Lynch, where he was most recently Senior Vice President and Head of HR for the Global Markets and Investment Banking business. At Merrill, Joe held various leadership roles including Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer for Global HR, Head of HR for the ML & Co. Corporate groups, and Director of HR for the Diversified Financial Services Group in Global Wealth Management. 

Joe has an MS from the University of Pennsylvania in Organizational Dynamics, an MA in Executive Coaching from Middlesex University (UK), and a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he was a cartoonist for the daily newspaper.

He is currently in the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program and has completed the first of three components. He can be reached at (609) 921 1521.

Princeton Executive Coaching, LLC
190 Nassau Street Princeton,NJ 08542

Certifications: Hogan        

Christine Cavanaugh Simmons (San Francisco/San Jose, CA)

Emergent Solutions
Ms. Cavanaugh Simmons has been coaching executives in a variety of industries since 1982. The focus of Ms. Cavanaugh-Simmons' work is helping executives accurately assess the current requirements of their role within the organization as well as gain insight to themselves - both who they are and who they want to be - to then set a specific action plan. This can be through an executive education program or individual coaching engagements. Uniquely Emergent Solutions' branded methods include using narrative to communicate and align people to a strategy.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Kevin Cheesebrough (State College, PA)

Kevin Cheesebrough Coach, Inc.
Kevin Ross Cheesebrough, Captain USN (Ret), MS, ACC leverages his over thirty five years in leadership, including the command of a nuclear submarine to bring Knowledge and excellence to executive and leadership coaching. During his last years of his twenty eight year Navy career, as the Professor of Naval Science at Penn State University, he taught leadership and ethics to aspiring naval officers. Following his retirement from the Navy he held leadership positions at the Applied Research Laboratory, Penn State and SRI International, State College. He also was an adjunct professor at the Penn State, Smeal School of Business, teaching ethics for business managers.

Kevin holds a bachelors degree in nuclear engineering from Penn State and a masters degree in management science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Kevin is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC)level

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Mary Chevalier (Westerly, RI)

Attain International
Attain International is a Rhode Island-based consulting firm specializing in organizational development. Working with alliance partners across the United States and in Europe, Attain helps companies, from large global corporations to entrepreneurial start-up ventures, make the most of their human capital: How to change. How to lead. How to innovate. How to build strong working relationships and effective global teams. And, how to think, behave and work in new ways that maximize individual and team contributions and enhance business performance. Attain provides expertise in four core service areas: change management, leadership excellence, high performance teams, and large scale meetings.

Certifications: Hogan        

Anya Clitheroe (Highlands, NJ)

People in Focus
Anya brings over 20 years of corporate experience to her consulting. Having started her career in commercial roles, she developed a passion for accelerating team and individual performance in ways that align with a company’s mission, culture and values as well as the employee’s capabilities and ambitions. She has held senior positions in both generalist and specialist areas focused on the US, UK and globally.

As a consultant, she continues to partner with companies, both in the US and internationally, to fully optimize their human capital at both the organization and individual level. Her particular areas of focus include Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, High Performing Teams, Change Management, Talent Management and Employee Engagement. Anya is ICF, Hogan, HBDI, TMS and MBTI accredited.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jeremy Coles (Nashville, TN)

Executive Selection
Executive Selection offers proven behavioral and personality evaluations to assess a wide range of behaviors, competencies and traits that directly influence performance, and the analysis and insights you need to make optimal hiring and career decisions.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jonna Contacos-Sawyer (Johnstown, PA)

HR Consultants, Inc.
JONNA CONTACOS-SAWYER, CMC, CCP, SPHR has over 27 years of management and human resource experience, which she utilizes to lead HR Consultants, Inc. (HRC), a management and human resource consulting and training firm, in the capacity of President & Consulting Principal. Ms. Contacos-Sawyer has specialized expertise in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development and from this expertise aligns business strategies and objectives with customized performance management systems that result in improved individual, team, and organizational performance. She also specializes in job analysis, strategic compensation, competency development, managerial communications, human resource infrastructure assessment, training, and mitigating employment practice risk. By establishing performance measures and mapping workflow to organizational goals, quality processes, and customer service standards, Jonna has assisted many organizations in achieving a greater return on their investment in human capital. Jonna is certified through the Clark Wilson Group for Task Cycle Surveys and Feedback Programs as a core foundation for her business coaching services for executives.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Rochelle Cooper (West Hempstead, NY)

Cooper Management Consulting
Founder and CEO, Rochelle has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, and has spent the last 22 years advising and coaching leaders and teams to achieve success in their roles. She enables leaders to attain high impact through value-added Executive Coaching, Team-building, and Organizational Assessment.
Rochelle Cooper has successfully coached over 600 leaders and trained over 1400 executives and managers in Fortune 500 companies across many industries, such as JPMorganChase, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Estee Lauder, Metropolitan Life, Novartis, Pfizer, Prudential, Sony and Time Warner.

Certifications: Hogan        

Mary Cornetta-Brown (West Newton, MA)

Cornetta-Brown Associates
Cornetta-Brown Associates is a consulting firm specializing in organizational development services and executive coaching during transitions. Clients range from large organizations to individuals - and we believe that collaborating with them as they position to move to the next phase, job, or step -- is key to their success.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jeannie Coyle (Portland , OR)

jeannie coyle + company
Jeannie helps companies of all sizes develop the leadership skills, business acumen and organizational culture to grow the business. As a coach, she is skilled in successfully melding
assessment information and business priorities to help leaders create and quickly act on clear and compelling development goals.

Certifications: Hogan        

Susan Coyne (Mount Pleasant, SC)

Coyne Coaching Services
Coyne Coaching Services engages with executives, managers, and high potential individual contributors who want to make a change at work: become a stronger leader or manager, increase their confidence and presence, or acclimate to a new role. We help clients develop the mindset and behavior needed for success. Organization development consulting available for organizations seeking expertise with new leader acclimation, change management, talent management, engagement, organization design and culture, senior team effectiveness, and strategic planning.

Certifications: Hogan        

Lisa Dare (calgary, Canada)

Lisa Dare & Associates
Lisa Dare is an accredited leadership and executive coach and consultant with extensive experience in numerous industries including health care, oil & gas, governmental agencies, not for profit, pharmaceuticals, educational institutions and the financial sector.

Certifications: Hogan        

Susan Davidson (Atlanta, GA)

Beyond Borders, Inc.
Beyond Borders, Inc. offers customized and practical leadership training and executive coaching services to:
- Develop exceptional U.S. and global leaders
- Build critical skills for new supervisors and managers to effectively manage and motivate their teams
- Increase cross-cultural communication and competence of expatriates, global managers and global virtual teams

Founder and president, Susan Davidson has served the human resource development needs of a variety of global and large U.S. organizations for more than 30 years, including:
Airgas, Inc., Alcan, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, Bayer, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Deloitte & Touche, Delta Air Lines, Godfather's Pizza, Hallmark Cards, Kemira Chemicals and Sprint.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Virginia Dean (Newton, MA)

Oak Tree Coaching & Consulting
Virginia is a Certified Professional Coach, earning that designations through New Ventures West Integral Coaching Program (ICF certified). She has coached dozens of leaders inside the organizations in which she has worked. During her tenures, she focused on helping leaders focus through times of high growth and constant change. She is now leading her own leadership coaching and HR consulting practice. In addition to an MBA from Simmons College’s School of Management, She has completed Georgetown University’s Team Coaching program, has worked extensively with the Internal Family Systems model, is certified in the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) assessment tool, the Hogan Assessment System and is in the process of becoming certified as a coach by the Strozzi Institute on Somatic Coaching.


Lisa DeConto (Boston, MA)

Lisa DeConto Career Coaching
Lisa DeConto is a Certified Professional Coach, trained through The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), the only International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training program where graduates possess more than 350 hours of training. When she’s not pursuing her passion for helping people “re-work their careers,” Lisa is a Partner and senior member of the Financial Services practice at a global executive search firm. Lisa works with clients at all stages of their careers — from C-suite leaders and mid-career professionals, to twenty-somethings seeking entry (and women finding re-entry) level work. Clients appreciate her knowledge and expertise in recruiting and financial services, combined with her warm, candid personal style. Lisa is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and is certified in the Hogan Assessment product suite.

Certifications: Hogan        

Debbie Deissroth (Sewell, NJ)

DD Coaching and Consulting
Professional Certified Coach (PCC-ICF) with expertise in leadership development & change - positioning people for success! I have built a career positioning people for success as a Human Resources leader, focused on leadership development, team building, and performance coaching. As an ICF certified Professional Coach, I'd like to help you navigate your journey and realize your career potential. I believe that everything you need to succeed lies within - your unique skills, experience, abilities, and self-knowledge. Through targeted and professional coaching support, I hope to guide you to achieve your personal and professional goals by positioning yourself, your team, and your organization for success. For more information about my services, please check out my website and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Certifications: Hogan        

Bob DeLisa (Old Saybrook, CT)

Bob is a seasoned veteran who brings 35 years of organizational devleopment and coaching experience to his wealth of clients. Specializing in coaching for managers and executives who work in small to midsized firms and family owned businesses, Bob's personable style and vast body of knowledge helps managers become more effective from the first meeting.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Lyne Desormeaux (New York, NY)

Desormeaux Leadership Consulting
LYNE DESORMEAUX, PsyD, a licensed consulting psychologist and PCC executive coach. She is owner of Desormeaux Leadership Consulting and conducts leadership development with individuals, teams and organizations. She holds a Masters Degree in Government from Harvard and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Dr. Desormeaux does assessments, coaching, team building, change management as well as offsite, retreats and leadership programs.

Certifications: Hogan        

Galer Diana (Maplewood, NJ)

Galer Coaching for Excellence, LLC
Diana Gáler is an Executive Coach who brings to her clients the benefit of extensive coaching experience and a long career in senior management roles in the Pharmaceutical industry. Diana has advised individuals on change management, communication styles, team leadership, accelerating success in new roles, leadership and strategy development, executive presence, and corporate culture and engagement.
Diana is particularly skilled in developing leadership talent through examination of individual values and strengths, and aligning to a sense of purpose through pragmatic problem solving. She is adept at identifying cultural barriers and creating strategies to overcome these in the workplace.
Diana received her certification as a Professional Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and has also received certification as Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation.

Certifications: Hogan        

Alwyn Dias (Morristown, NJ)

Bridge Group Consulting
Leaders call on Alwyn for his ability to quickly understand the challenges they face. A seasoned and trusted coach and mentor, his creative solutions help organizational performance through authentic employee engagement. Alwyn advises all levels of an organization; C-Suite Executives, Senior Leadership and Middle Management. His broad portfolio of clients includes top firms in the Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Information Technology, Energy, Entertainment, and Nonprofit sectors.

He is known for providing clients a safe and confidential space throughout the coaching process, which is so needed as leaders are experiencing high levels of “burn out”. Alwyn collaborates with leaders who are driven to enhance their impact through authenticity, while building high-performing teams with healthy morale. He takes a highly personalized approach in his work in order to support clients in finding their own authentic leadership style.

Alwyn’s international background has provided clients the benefit of exploring the diversity that is inherent in any work environment. Born in Liberia and having lived in England, Saudi Arabia, and Spain, there is a unique global perspective that is intertwined in his work. Alwyn’s personal narrative includes having Neurofibramitosis (NF), a rare medical condition. Neglecting one’s own areas of personal and professional growth only leave one worse off. Realizing this neglect was Alwyn’s greatest learning, which included being paralyzed from the chest down. The realization of setting and committing to goals that are critical to his life purpose has paid and continues to pay dividends - including the founding of Dias Group Consulting, LLC. Alwyn is committed to partnering with his clients to explore the process of professional development through being inclusive of one’s purpose.

Dias Group Consulting, LLC., provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Diversity/Inclusion Training, and Human Resources Consulting. Having held leadership roles at several Fortune 500 Companies, Alwyn works with global clients to enhance Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Satisfaction, Succession Planning, Talent Management and Career Development. He is also a professor at Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Health Administration, and a member of the Board of Trustees for Mercy Housing, a non-profit focusing on affordable housing. He graduated from Fordham University with a BS in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work.

Certifications: Hogan        

Robert Drovdlic (Columbus, OH)

Robert Gregory Partners
Executive Coach and Managing Partner of Robert Gregory Partners, an Executive Coaching firm executing corporate talent management strategies through Executive Coaching. We provide coaches for individual long-term coaching engagements as well as coaches to work within leadership development programs.

Certifications: Hogan        

Mary Ann Drury (New York, NY)

CCA, Inc.
Mary Ann is a senior consultant/executive coach at CCA, Inc. a human capital consulting firm in NYC.

She coaches equity principals and high-value contributors in a variety of work sectors including legal, financial services, entertainment, cultural, academic and non-profit.

Mary Ann brings 20+ years of HR and management consulting into her coaching practice coupled with training as a Gestalt psychotherapist. She leverages appreciation of human behavior and the process of change in fulfilling professional, organizational, and personal business goals. A passionate interest in art and human services sustains an affinity for mentoring clients in both cultural and social service settings.

Certifications: Hogan        

Mark Edison, Ph.D. (New York , NY)

Alcohol Treatment NYC
A clinical psychologist who treats executives with alcohol and drug problems over the phone and in person, Dr. Edison has been practicing since 1996. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the City University of New York and an honors bachelor’s degree from Yale University.
I’m a member of the American Psychological Association, the Division on Addictions of the New York State Psychological Association, and I serve as a trustee of the Town School, an independent co-educational day school in New York City.

Certifications: Hogan        

Angela Edwards (Colorado Springs, CO)

AK Edwards Consulting, LLC.
Angela Edwards has worked as an executive coach and organizational consultant across a wide range of industries. Prior to her career in leadership and coaching, Angela held senior leadership roles for over 25 years in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and retail industries. Her areas of expertise include cross-cultural coaching, coaching skills development, design and facilitation, and developing high performance teams. Angela previously held the role of Coaching Practice Leader at the Center for Creative Leadership. Simply put, Angela coaches leaders to unleash their potential as a leader – and also teaches leaders to utilize coaching skills to unleash the potential of their team members.

Certifications: Hogan        

Neal Eisenstein (Basking Ridge, NJ)

Breakthrough Results
Neal delivers executive coaching, change management and leadership development to senior and middle managers. He works with leaders and teams who are serious about growth and the need to change. Neal brings vast experience in empowering clients to embrace sustainable change, powerfully. As a seasoned facilitator of talent, Neal helps clients meet and exceed challenges that limit their ability to perform, engage appropriately, manage priorities, develop new skills, accelerate performance, align execution with strategy, grow the organization, and motivate teams. Neal helps leaders recognize the perceptual blinders that can limit the ability to execute, reinforce trust, and strengthen the agile performance that is so crucial for success at the senior level. Over 60% of his executive coaching practice is composed of female talent, working in predominately male cultures, that prefer working with a seasoned mentor like Neal.

Certifications: Hogan        

Josh Epperson (Seattle, WA)

Josh works with both community-based NGOs and multi-national corporations in a variety of industries, all of which require the organizations and their leaders to deliver increasing levels of performance and adaptable capability. His work consists of large-scale organization and culture change, organization architecture, and leadership development. Some of his clients have included: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Glaxo SmithKline, McDonalds, Phase 2 Consulting, Gates Corporation, ConAgra Foods, Cadbury Schweppes, Golden Key, Starbucks Coffee Company, Hershey, TriHealth, Everett Washington USA, The Atlantic Philanthropies, and Microsoft.

Certifications: Hogan        

Rosemarie Estrada (Chantilly, VA)

KP Leadership Partners, LLC
KP Leadership Partners provides leadership assessment, executive coaching and executive search. Rosemarie Estrada has more than 20 years in the field of human capital consulting at the executive level. She completed her graduate studies in HRD at The George Washington University and her undergraduate studies in business at The University of Maryland.

Certifications: Hogan        

Ken Estridge (Boston, MA)

Ken Estridge & Associates
Ken Estridge is a certified Executive Coach who is an expert at helping executives quickly find their edge, fine tune their skills and take their success to the next level. Ken leverages his 35 years as a business leader and his world class education to help executives experience the joy of performing at the top of their game.

Certifications: Hogan        

Ed Evarts (Boston, MA)

Excellius Leadership Development
I have a passion for helping you find success in the work you want to do. By designing strategies to raise your visibility and value in your organization and industry, challenging conscious and unconscious behaviors that do not help you, and identifying patterns that limit or accelerate your career, I help ensure you are making choices that create progress and success.

Certifications: Hogan        

Karen Evenson (Chicago, IL)

Leadership & Organization Solutions, LLC
Karen's professional career includes management consulting, teaching, motivational speaking, marketing, radio broadcasting, writing, executive coaching, and designing and developing educational materials. Her areas of expertise are Leadership, Creativity, Team Building, and Collaborative Problem Solving.
She is the author of Redefining F.E.A.R., and co-author of Don't Step on the Ducks

Certifications: Hogan        

Community Resource Exchange (New York, NY)

Community Resource Exchange
CRE is a consulting firm that helps nonprofits organizations become stronger and more effective in advancing social and economic justice. Informed by over 30 years of experience, CRE helps organizations build management capacity and improve their overall effectiveness in the areas of: Fundraising, Strategic and program planning, Board development, Human resource management, Budgeting and financial management, Mergers and organizational restructuring, Leadership development, and Team building.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Frank Faeth (Bronxville, NY)

Faeth Coaching
Experienced coach with focus on high level executives. Prior to coaching, was senior executive at Fortune 500 companies. I use assessments such as the Hogan to anchor 360s and areas for development.

Certifications: Hogan        

Christine M. Fahnestock (Hartford, CT)

Fahnestock & Associates, LLC
Our firm specializes in executive succession planning and senior-level talent assessment, development and selection.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Elizabeth Feild (Raleigh, NC)

Theories in Practice, LLC
Beth Pisculli is a senior organizational development consultant and leadership coach with over 15 years of experience in the field of talent management. She is passionate about the development of high potentials and multi-cultural leadership in organizations. Beth has expertise in the development and implementation of succession planning programs, senior leadership development programs, competency modeling, internal coaching and mentoring programs, and one-on-one executive and senior leadership coaching. Beth holds a Masters degree in Organization Development from American University and a Certificate in Business Coaching from Duke University.

Certifications: Hogan        

Howard Fero (Stratford, CT)

The Leadership Doc, LLC
Dr. Howard Fero is a leadership specialist who has consulted with government, private, for profit, and not for profit organizations. His consulting and executive coaching focus on the improvement of individual and organizational effectiveness in the areas of leadership, individual and group motivation, team building, career development, and overall organizational performance. Howard Fero, The Leadership Doc, can conduct stand alone workshops or coaching and also faclitates a leadership institute in which participants engage in workshops, coaching, and individual assessments through a yearlong program. Workshops are conducted in a way which engages participants and helps them to realize and develop the necessary skills they need to be the best leaders and team members in all they do. Howard holds an MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Baruch College, the City University of New York, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University.

Certifications: Hogan        

Susan Freedland (New York, NY)

Susan Freedland, Ph.D. and Associates
Susan Freedland, a professional with more than 25 years experience in executive coaching, leadership development, organizational consulting and psychology, has worked with clients across diverse industries ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small and family-owned businesses, both nationally and internationally. She partners with and challenges her clients to engage, explore, and grow, gaining awareness of themselves and a depth of understanding to apply practically in their organizations as they change, recognize and create many perspectives and possibilities.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Michael Frisch, PhD (New York, NY)

Michael Frisch
Michael’s expertise covers many human resource topics, including competency models, executive development, training, succession planning, and performance management. His primary focus, however, is delivering executive coaching services, which he has been doing for over 15 years. He also serves as a supervising coach and coaching instructor for both internal and external coaches through his affiliation with iCoachNewYork, a coach training and consulting firm. iCoachNewYork partners with the Zicklin Business School of Baruch College to deliver a certificate program in professional coaching each spring.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Carol Frohlinger, Esq. (New York, NY)

Negotiating Women, Inc.
Carol Frohlinger is a cofounder of Negotiating Women, Inc., an advisory firm committed to helping organizations to advance talented women into leadership positions. Coauthor of Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success, Ms. Frohlinger has deep experience in designing, developing and delivering highly customized negotiation and leadership programs for executive women. Using social science research about the systemic factors that impact
female leaders as the context, Ms. Frohlinger's approach to leadership development emphasizes practical skills that equip women to position themselves to best advantage. Among the topics she focuses on are leadership, business development, communication, strategic networking and, of course, negotiation. Her current research is focused on women attorneys and business development.

On the organizational change side of the gender parity challenge, Ms. Frohlinger consults with senior leaders, designs diagnostic surveys, conducts focus groups with women at all levels and advises firms about how to launch and support women’s initiatives that deliver a solid return on investment.

Ms. Frohlinger serves on the faculty of the UC Hastings College of the Law Leadership Academy for Women. Among the law firms and professional services firms or groups to whom she has spoken or delivered workshops are Accenture, National Association of Women Lawyers, The National Conference of Women's Bar Associations, The New York City Bar Association, McDermott, Will and Emery, Weil, Gotshal
& Manges, Willkie Farr & Gallagher and PricewaterhouseCoopers. She has consulted with Women's Initiatives at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, Vinson & Elkins, Dickstein Shapiro and Foley & Lardner, among others.

Her advice has been featured by the Today Show, CBS MoneyWatch, NPR, and the New York Times, among other mainstream media. Frequently called upon to provide expert input by publications serving the legal and accounting professions, Ms. Frohlinger also contributes articles to professional and association journals such as Managing Partner and the ALM Law Journal’s Marketing the Law Firm. Ms. Frohlinger, with Dr. Deborah Kolb, coined the term, ""The Tiara Syndrome"" cited by Sheryl Sandberg in her NY Times best-selling book, Lean In.

Selected by then Senator Hillary Clinton to lecture on the issue of pay equity for women, Ms. Frohlinger served on a panel with the Senator to address the causes and implications of the gender gap in pay. She has been honored by The International Alliance for Women with its “World of Difference Award” and was named to Top 50 Most Influential Women List by the Irish Voice. Ms. Frohlinger serves on the Model Compensation Working Group of the American Bar Association's Presidential Task Force on Gender Equity. She has served on the New York State Bar Association’s Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession and chaired its Best Practices Sub-Committee on Women in the Law. She also volunteers with The InterOrganizational Network (ION), an organization that focuses on increasing the number of women on the boards of America's publicly held companies.

Ms. Frohlinger holds a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law. She lives in New York City with her husband and is the proud parent of a daughter and a son. She negotiates with each of them often!

Certifications: Hogan        

James Gadoury (Woburn, MA)

Outsider Consulting
I'm passionate about helping leaders and organizations succeed. My approach is informed by my background as a military officer, my formal study of psychology, and my practical experience under the influence of some great leaders. I've spent the last 20 years studying, practicing, and teaching leadership, and have learned from my successes AND failures. As an organizational consultant, I've worked with corporate executives, senior military leaders, law enforcement officers, small business owners, emerging leaders, and entire business units. In 2014, I established the sole proprietorship that would become Outsider Consulting, and have since served clients in the Boston, Chicago, and Dallas areas.

Certifications: Hogan        

Mindy Gewirtz, PhD (Clifton, NJ)

Collaborative Networks
Mindy brings 25 years of expertise and entrepreneurial passion working with senior leaders in for-profit and nonprofit sectors, as a powerful catalyst for individual and organizational transformation. She has demonstrated success coaching executives, delivering and facilitating global leadership development programs, and leading teams in complex engagements to drive business performance.

Along the way, Mindy has written for many publications, and co-authored five book chapters on eldercare, leadership, top teaming and collaboration. She taught at Boston University, conducted research, and was active in the dynamic entrepreneurial community in Boston.

She has led and participated in multi-year engagements with global for profit companies, such as Malden Mills (Manufacturing), EMC (high-tech), Evergreen Solar (Cleantech), Citigroup (financial services), and professional services firms such as Goultson and Storrs (large law firm) and non-profits Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Teacher's Retirement System of NYC.

Certifications: Hogan        

Susan Gilell-Stuy (Mountain Lakes, NJ)

Susan Gilell-Stuy, LLC
Tailored Coaching for tomorrow's leaders today.

Certifications: Hogan        

Valerie Gilford (Bridgeport, CT)

Valerie Gilford and Associates
Valerie Gilford and Associates is a Human Resources Development firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, executive selection, organization development, change management, conflict dynamics and team building. Our mission is to provide organizations with clarity, awareness, relevance and focus to bring about positive and measureable change.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Karen Glendinning (Morristown, NJ)

Center for Context
Karen is Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Center for Context, a consulting firm, helping Individuals, teams and companies deliver results against visionary, but attainable goals! With over 25 years of global, executive-level, Human Resources experience, she has expertise in the areas of executive coaching, leadership development, organizational development, and the creation of high performing teams, at all levels and within differing functions. She has successfully coached Sr. level leaders and high potentials in enhancing their success and productivity and new leaders leaning to adapt to new cultures.
She is a confident, practical, and creative executive coach who assesses the needs of the client and works to enhance the executive’s ability to be successful in an ever changing world. She has extensive experience in coaching executives in high performance team development in multicultural settings, and has lived and worked in Europe enhancing her understanding of the cultural difference and challenges of leaders. She has experience in pharmaceutical, high tech, construction and engineering, and consumer products companies both here and abroad.

Certifications: Hogan        

Greg Goates (San Diego, CA)

Goates Consulting Group
Greg is President of Goates Consulting Group. His executive coaching and organizational consulting practice focuses on:


Greg brings over 25 years of experience in the Aerospace, Defense, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotech, Healthcare, Financial Services, Consulting, Government and Non-Profit industries.

He helps leaders:
* Improve their personal and organizational leadership effectiveness
* Get promoted and achieve their personal career potential

He has helped companies achieve:
* CMMI, & ISO Certification Six Sigma Quality and Lean workforces
* SDSHRM Workplace Excellence Crystal Award
* Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award

Greg earned his:
* Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Resource Development from Brigham Young University
* Masters of Arts Degree in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego

He currently:
* Teaches Management and Leadership at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Business and Technology sector at Extension
* Is an adjunct Executive Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)
* Facilitates the Senior HR Leadership Council for NCHR-SD (North County Human Resource – San Diego)
* Serves on the Boards of the BEDC (Biotech Employee Development Coalition) & NCHR-SD

He is certified in various executive leadership development 360 assessments, personality and career inventories.

Greg is also a Certified Associate Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Certifications: Hogan        

Ken Goldstein (Manhattan Beach, CA)

Ken Goldstein Consulting
I have been helping leaders improve organizations for more than 25 years. My expertise includes executive development and coaching, talent management, employee involvement and human resources processes. I have extensive experience using the Hogan derailment assessment particularly in global environments. I can be reached at

Certifications: Hogan        

Ann Gowdey (Burlington, CT)

Ann Gowdey Consulting, LLC
Ann Gowdey Consulting, LLC specializes in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development customized to achieve operational excellence in your organization. We have worked with global, national, local and Fortune 50 companies, as well as not-for-profit, government and educational organizations.
Executive Leaders: Our executive coaches work closely with your high potential and senior leaders to help them lead and develop simultaneously.
Executive Teams: We offer team development and strategic facilitation services to help your senior teams work collaboratively, debate openly and reach aligned commitment for action.
Leadership Bench Strength: Our leadership development programs engage your senior leaders to coach your future leaders, accelerating the development of enterprise leadership.

Certifications: Hogan        

Mary Green (Norwalk, CT)

Mary Green Associates
Mary Green is an executive coach and career advisor. She focuses on linking individual effectiveness to the business needs of the organization. Her services include assessment, leadership and onboarding coaching, and career outplacement. Prior to founding Mary Green Associates, Mary was a business executive in Fortune 250 companies and has advised individuals through job transition as well as high-potential managers, officers, and directors of boards in both the non-profit and private sectors across all industries. Mary understands what differentiates executives and how individuals influence and lead. With her expertise in business communications, sales, and marketing, she enables leaders to identify development gaps and build the skills and executive presence to achieve excellence.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Joyce Grillo (New York, NY)

Grillo Leadership Initiatives
Joyce Grillo is an executive coach and leadership consultant with over twenty years of experience who has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and globally.

She helps leaders facilitate self-awareness within themselves and others, work collaboratively in a virtual team structure, flexibly adapt to cultural and generational differences, inspire innovation and adopt a consumer’s mindset.

Joyce’s approach to leadership development is to assist her clients to Look Inward - discover their authentic self -Look Outward - understand followers so they are engaged - and Look Forward - learn to adapt to the complexity and ambiguity of accelerated change.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Sue E. Hallsted (Cincinnati, OH)

S. Hallsted & Company
Sue is the owner and principal of S. Hallsted & Company. She has over 30 years of experience as an internal & external talent development professional working at all levels within organizations.

Ms Hallsted's strategic and adaptable approach allows her to blend solutions that best fit client needs. She is passionate about working with individuals to build self-awareness and move careers forward.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Bruce Hammer (Syosset, NY)

Hammer Associates LLC
Hammer Associates is an organizational consulting firm providing strategic coaching and development services to executives, teams, and organizations. Our goal is to help client leaders and companies enhance individual and group performance in alignment with business objectives. Bruce has over 30 years of experience in human behavior as a psychologist, executive coach and organizational consultant advising public and family-owned businesses in leadership, team building, talent management, transfer of leadership, and organizational transformation. Our services include executive coaching, team alignment, candidate selection, issues based partnership building, professionalizing of the organizational work culture, succession planning and transition

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Lauren Hawkins (Atlanta, GA)

Lauren W. Hawkins is a talented and committed Human Resources professional with an international background absorbing diverse cultures, having traveled and called home South Africa, England and the U.S. With over 24 years connecting with the people who require highest-level professionalism, Lauren’s work defines “hands on” in business sectors as diverse as construction, real estate and development, engineering, logistics, manufacturing and transportation.

She has commanded strategic roles at Delta Air Lines, Opus Corporation, PC Construction, CB Richard Ellis/The Furman Company, Turner Construction Company, and Vanderlande. And she has served on the Executive Teams of a $1.5 Billion global company, responsible for the management and strategic direction of all Human Resources efforts, including risk management, staffing, talent management and development, executive coaching, training and performance management.

With a B.A. in Psychology (Stetson University) and an M.S. in Organizational Leadership (Northeastern University), Lauren’s diverse specialties run the gamut, from Risk Management and Compliancy to Conflict Management, Employee Relations, Organizational Design and Effectiveness, Career Development and Talent Management, Leadership Coaching and Advisory Services, Performance Management, Talent Assessment and Acquisition Programs and Diversity/Cultural Integration.
Lauren is also a certified Myers-Briggs and Hogan Assessment Practitioner, a Crucial Conversations instructor and a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Steve Heller, PCC (Lorton, VA)

Steve Heller & Associates, LLC
~ Bridging the gap between potential and performance ~

Steve Heller is a dynamic and committed Executive Coach, who specializes in helping leaders achieve new levels of personal effectiveness. Steve is particularly interested in the power of clarity and consistency in driving performance breakthroughs in organizations. His clients have included corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, public sector leaders, educators, non-profit executives, coaching students and established coaches, in functional areas such as: Corporate Management, Sales, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Operations and IT. Most recently, Steve has been engaged to deliver coaching at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, in various organizations within the intelligence community, at the Smithsonian Institution, and for the Department of Homeland Security.

Steve serves as an Adjunct Faculty member for Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Certificate Program, and as President of the Washington, DC chapter of the International Coach Federation.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Vincent Higgins (Houston, TX)

Institute for Effective Leadership
The Institute for Effective Leadership is a management-consulting firm that specializes in helping mid to large size companies, both public and private.

The Institute brings the highest level of understanding to the disciplines of leadership development and executive search, using today’s most advanced tools together with highly trained and experienced experts. The company has been able to bring about effective change to many senior executives and their teams, as well as assist executive search firms to find and place the best people.

We believe that to achieve and sustain success in today's marketplace, leaders and organizations need to develop strong core values, and live by them at all levels of the organization.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Marsha Hoch (Morris Plains, NJ)

Shield Consulting
Marsha Hoch is an Executive Coach with over 20 years experience as a proven business leader in Human Resources management, leadership development, and strategic coaching assignments. Her work focuses on improving leadership capabilities and management team effectiveness in fast-paced, market oriented organizations. She has extensive experience in coaching executives one-on-one, and works with Senior Management Teams, high potential leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Certifications: Hogan        

Douglas Jack (Buffalo-Niagara, NY)

Develop2Change: People Solutions
Develop2Change is a management consultancy that helps individuals, teams and organizations optimize their decisions and direction. We help you determine who should get selected for roles or how talented people can develop to ensure lasting success.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Richard Stephen Janis (West Hartford, CT)

Janis & Janis Associates LLC
Richard Stephen Janis, DBA, MBA, MEd, BA
Rich Janis is a team and leadership development coach, organization development, and organizational change practitioner. He is the principal and executive director of the consulting practice called Janis & Janis Associates LLC specializing in improving productivity, performance, and capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations.
His areas of expertise include strategic and operational planning, workforce talent management assessments, leadership and team development, organizational change leadership, and coaching. Workforce assessments focus on solutions for selecting, hiring, developing, managing, engaging, and retaining high-quality employees. He provides organizational change leadership assistance helping to plan, organize and prepare people for the implementation of change including new technology, business processes, organizational structures, job alignment, roles and responsibilities, leadership, skill and competency building.
Rich has deep experience providing business, leadership and organization development services for a broad range of industries: medical, financial, health care, higher education, and insurance. He has worked as an internal director and as part of external consultant firms for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. A sampling of the organizations Rich has served includes Yale University, Boston University PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, The Hartford Financial Services Company, and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.
Rich has completed a doctorate degree in Business Administration (DBA), Masters (MBA) in Human Resource Management, Masters in Education (MEd) in Organizational Development, and Project Management from schools including Western New England College, American University, University of Massachusetts, Nova, Columbia, and George Washington University. His doctoral dissertation focused on leadership behavior in the program and project management environment.
Rich lives in West Hartford, CT.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Galina Jeffrey (Georgetown, MA)

Galina draws on her varied experience as a seasoned line executive as well as a talent development practitioner who uses neuroscience principles to augment her knowledge of change. Her focus is executive coaching with particular help for leaders taking on global responsibilities and for hi potential women.

Certifications: Hogan        

Galos Jodie-Beth (Charleston, SC)

Galos & Associates, LLC
Galos & Associates, LLC guides businesses to grow people or to let people go. Although the preferred focus is developmental, Jodie-Beth Galos, Esq., SPHR helps organizations wake up managers who need to change their behavior – yesterday. She is adept at giving feedback to people who don’t welcome it and may have difficulty in applying it. Her background as a practicing employment lawyer is particularly useful – especially with more senior executives or those with highly technical backgrounds.
Before opening her own practice, Jodie-Beth worked in large organizations: Associate Attorney at Jackson, Lewis; Director of Employee Relations at Saks Fifth Avenue; Vice President at United HealthCare; and Senior Vice President at Smith Barney -- guiding top management in building a pipeline of employee talent.
She is regularly featured on financial and business television and periodicals. She is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University and the Boston University School of Law.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Larry Kammien (Saint Louis, MO)

Leadership & Organization Solutions, LLC
Larry holds a Master's in Business Administration from Saint Louis University and has over 25 years experience in corporate business. His expertise includes executive coaching, leadership and organization development, design and delivery of training solutions, strategic planning, corporate consulting and facilitation, team building, employee engagement and satisfaction instruments, a broad range of human resource functions, and marketing. His experience spans both domestic and international opportunities.

Larry is an adjunct Assistant Professor at Webster University in Saint Louis. He is MBTI qualified; PDI Profilor certified; Insights into Personal Effectiveness accredited; Insights Transformational Leadership certified; and Hogan Personality Inventory, Development Survey, and Motivations, Values, and Preferences Inventory certified. He is also co-author of Don't Step on the Ducks (

Certifications: Hogan        

Bradford Karony (Mclean, VA)

Karony Agency
I'm a former military, multi-decade federal employee that has lived and worked on four continents. I draw upon my life and career experiences to work with and provide coaching to individuals in multi-cultural industries and Federal Government. I work with military, corporate and executive personnel helping them tap into their inner potential, so they are able to achieve their outer goals with sustainable results. I also have the ability to work with those that are dealing with long-term disability either as the person affected or as the caregiver. Welcome a conversation about how coaching is of value to you and your organization.

Certifications: Hogan        

Gordon Kent (New York, CT)

ProgressiveCareer LLC
Gordon Kent is president of ProgressiveCareer, a company specializing in talent development programs for global corporations, universities, and governments. Gordon has advised University College London and other leading universities, and the British government Minister of Culture. Gordon launched a new, nationwide, innovative work / honors university degree program, Degree Apprenticeships, acclaimed by UK government, industry and academia. This program helped close the digital skills gap by producing graduates with greater work skills and experiences. Gordon led a group of leading UK businesses in working collaboratively with universities. His talent programs helped to produce successful new professionals, by developing graduates and apprentices with greater knowledge of technology and the personal and professional success factors needed in a corporate work environment.

Certifications: Hogan        

Lilian King (New York , NY)

Meritas Partners LLC
Lilian is a founding partner of Meritas, a consulting partnership formed in 2009 to provide advice and counsel to senior leaders and their teams.

Lilian has been solving strategy, people and team issues for senior leaders for more than 20 years. She focuses on leadership, corporate governance, acquisition integration, spin-offs, strategic alignment, organization design and effectiveness, and culture change. Lilian combines an acute understanding of business with analytical assessments of human behavior. Her insights help clients penetrate a company’s challenges and find ways for its leadership to solve them.

Previously, Lilian ran her own company leaderXchange, begun in 2004 to focus on strategy and leadership. She also was a senior partner with Mercer Delta Consulting, formed when Marsh & McLennan acquired Delta Consulting Group. At Delta, Lilian advised CEOs on their change strategies, start-ups and turn-arounds. She also consulted to new boards formed in spin-offs and to existing boards, providing governance design, assessment and succession planning.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Lisa Kohn (Philadelphia, PA)

Chatsworth Consulting Group
Lisa Kohn is an accomplished organizational development consultant and executive coach with strong business background. She has over 20 years of experience, including over 10 years direct consulting with Fortune 500 clients in areas of leadership, communication styles, cross-functional teams, managing change, interpersonal and team dynamics, strategy, and execution. Her coaching clients include CEOs, heads of nonprofits, new leaders, and middle managers in a variety of industries. Her firm, Chatsworth Consulting Group, specializes in leadership/management development, team development, and executive and group coaching. Utilizing personal assessments, other tools, skill-building, and goal-setting, CCG helps individuals and organizations articulate and realize their goals through focused action. Thoughtful Leadership – reflecting, thinking, and looking deeper to discover the best approaches and strategies to lead your team and organization to a stronger future – is key. Learn more by visiting or calling 877-405-7288.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Tom Land (, AL)

Baptist Health South Florida
Talent Management/OD consultant with proven 25 year track record developing leaders, teams, and organizations achieve better results. International experience working in Fortune 50 company, Health Care, and Academic Executive Education settings. Expertise includes Executive Coaching, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Leadership Development (Lominger), Hogan,Change Management, Performance Management, Training, Team Building, and Six Sigma (Green Belt Instructor).

Certifications: Hogan        

Cobie Langerak (Atlanta, GA)

Triaxia Partners, Inc.
Triaxia provides consulting services on leadership, strategy and team to private and not for profit organizations, both global and domestic.
Our leadership practice includes a vibrant assessment and coaching interventions for senior leaders.

Certifications: Hogan        

James Larson (Atlanta, GA)

TailorMade Executive
We believe that every individual brings unique strengths, challenges, and circumstances to his or her development. Because of this, our approach is highly customized—tailor-made—to meet our clients’ needs within the specific context of their lives, both professional and personal.

We address the whole person, uniting the very best in proven leadership theory with a sound understanding of the individual.

We employ a practical methodology that proceeds from the inside-out for productive and sustainable change in key internal and external behaviors. We assist our clients in aligning their personality and competencies with performance goals for truly effective results.

We seek to nourish our clients’ professional and personal aspirations, for the purpose of helping them reaching their full potential.

Certifications: Hogan        

Claudia Busch Lee (Colorado Springs, CO)

Catalyst Consulting, Inc.
Dr. Busch Lee specializes in executive coaching and leadership development. She is masterful in helping others identify values and strengths to reach their full potential.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jamie Levinson (Brooklyn, NY)

Jamie Levinson Consulting
Jamie Levinson, founder and President of Jamie Levinson Consulting, is an executive coach, and facilitator with over 20 years experience in coaching and leadership development. Jamie draws upon her experience in coaching, business partnerships and consulting to create powerful relationships with her clients. Through these relationships and the trust created, Jamie’s clients are able to gain new insights, and make the behavioral changes needed to take them to the next level.

Certifications: Hogan        

Angelo John Lewis (Lambertville, NJ)

Lewis Associates
Angelo John Lewis is a coach and consultant whose work emphasizes challenge, creativity and discovery. As a coach, he works primarily with leaders, entrepreneurs, and spiritually oriented individuals. As a consultant, he specializes in creative meeting and retreat management, group problem solving, and team and community building. Angelo is the CEO of the Game of Games, co-founder of the Diversity and Spirituality Network, the creator of the Dialogue Circle Method, and a widely published writer. His clients have included Verizon, The Rockefeller Foundation, ACNielsen, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.
He can be reached at

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Larry Lobert (Grosse Pointe Park, MI)

Larry Lobert and Associates
I serve primarily K-12 school districts conducting executive searches and providing feedback and coaching to assist school leaders in the development of effective targeted performance goals.

Certifications: Hogan        

Russell Lobsenz (Westport, CT)

20|5 Foresight
At 20|5 Foresight we understand that managing people can be one of your biggest challenges but also your greatest opportunity. We’re experts when it comes to people.  That’s all. Our singular focus is helping you create talent strategies that drive organizational performance over the long-term.

20|5 Foresight stands out for the same reason our clients do - we have great people who bring their experience and insight to bear on each and every engagement. Our I/O Psychology consultants don’t just offer strategy advice. They roll up our sleeves with our clients and collaborate from idea inception to implementation. 

We offer the full range of talent related consulting services to help clients attract, select, engage, and develop their talent. Our areas of expertise include:

Certifications: Hogan        

Christine Loomis (Mamaroneck, NY)

Loomis Associates International
Christine is an international executive recruiter and career counselor with experience in finance and emerging markets. Until recently, she worked for 10 years in Russia. Christine does executive search in the US and Russia and counsels clients primarily in career transition.

Certifications: Hogan        

Neil Love (San Jose, CA)

Transition Experts
For over 25 years I have been working with managers and executives to accelerate progress on individual and organizational transitions.

During my corporate career I have worked at well-known companies including VMware, Cisco Systems, Amazon Lab126, Sun Microsystems, Adaptec, HP, TI, and GE. I have held a wide variety of roles including executive, department manager, program manager, design engineer, field engineer, management educator and consultant to executives.

When I work with clients, I leverage my broad multi-functional experience in marketing, engineering, sales, HR, business operations, customer support, supply chain management, executive development and centers of excellence.

I now serve as a Transition Advisor. Through my guidance and CWG 360 Feedback Surveys, I enable managers and their organizations or programs to get from where they are to where they want to be faster and with less stress.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Lynn Lucke (Woodland Park, CO)

L & L Consulting LLC
Lynn Lucke based in Colorado is an ICF and BCC Certified Executive Coach. She is also Hogan certified along with other instruments. Her background in Finance (Merrill Lynch, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Groups) and Entrepreneurial projects, along with a Masters in Organizational Leadership, allow her a unique perspective. She enjoys working with talented leaders across all industries throughout the world. She is affiliated and additionally trained with the Center for Creative Leadership, and is affiliated with Coach Source.

Certifications: Hogan        

Michelle Lynskey (Houston, TX)

As a leadership coach and consultant, Michelle draws on her passion for helping individuals and groups develop key insights that, when acted on, can lead to powerful personal change and performance improvements. She has impacted performance at individual and organizational levels in situations ranging from individual performance improvement to merger integration projects. Her coaching style is intuitive and tailored to the client’s context, business goals, skills, and experience. Through her training with the Systems-Centered® Training and Research Institute, she has specialized expertise in human dynamics and in particular, the way groups build functional work teams. Michelle received her Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Rice University and has numerous professional certifications, including the Hogan, in support of her coaching practice.

Certifications: Hogan        

Bonita Mackey (St. Louis, MO)

Mackey Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Bonita Mackey is an Executive Coach, OD Consultant, Speaker, and Leadership Development Facilitator. She partners with leaders at all levels to deliver business results during constant organizational and market changes. She is recognized for her ability to link people's development to business results and has extensively used the 360 assessment to create awareness and drive change.
Bonita is an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed coach who
coaches leaders with honesty, directness, and a genuine commitment to their personal growth and success. Especially skilled at supporting organizations in developing inclusive leaders who can maximize the potential and performance of all employees.

Bonita’s corporate experience as a Sales Director/Talent Development Leader/Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant provides her a base of knowledge to understand an organizations’ challenges and the experience needed to help develop the right solutions.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Lucille Maddalena (Belmar, NJ)

A former Management Consultant, I have served as an Executive Coach for 20 years to outstanding leaders seeking to refine their skills, transition into a new role or build more effective teams.

Certifications: Hogan        

Dr. Paul Maloney (Fairfield, CT)

Westover Strategy Advisors
Dr. Paul Maloney has consulted on coaching, training, and organizational issues worldwide. His career includes senior level positions in management and organization development at the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), Mobil Oil Corporation, and PepsiCo International. Over the last twenty-five years, Paul has consulted with American Airlines, GE, ExxonMobil, Chrysler, BBDO, Wilson Sporting Goods, Perrier, AlliedSignal, Rockville Bank, Kodak, Covidien, Matra, Schering-Plough, Artisan Software, CNBC, I-Logix, GenRe, Greenwich Associates, and many other organizations.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Robert Mann (Weston, CT)

RMann Associates
Bob Mann is the President and Founder of RMannAssociates, a firm specializing in helping clients leverage leadership capability for strategic growth. The execution of high-impact strategically aligned leadership development solutions is his area of expertise based on over 35 years of experience in the field.
Bob has consulted and coached at major corporations around the world. His client list includes Goldman Sachs; Credit Suisse; Liberty Mutual; RBC Capital Markets; Pfizer; Bunge; King; Bank of China; Thomson Reuters; Time Warner; eBay/PayPal; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Lee Hecht Harrison/DBM; Zipcar; UBS; AT&T; Bell South; Sprint; CN Rail; Coca Cola; IBM and Weyerhaeuser.
For most of his career, Bob held executive positions in global businesses in the US and abroad including UBS, Texaco and Xerox.
Bob has a Ph.D. and two Masters degrees in Psychology.

Certifications: Hogan        

Pat Marshall (New York, NY)

Organizational Strategies
Pat L. Marshall has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with more than 21 years of experience. She has served as an analyst, advisor and consultant for a wide array of academic organizations, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Marshall has provided individual executive coaching to domestic and international senior-level executives of Fortune 500 companies in the technology, healthcare, financial services, and pharmaceuticals industries, integrating the results of role-plays with 360-degree feedback and various psychological test results. Dr. Marshall has consulted on leadership assessment centers, developed 360-degree feedback instruments with C-level executives and senior management teams, facilitated large group training sessions, and conducted small group debriefing sessions with executives, helping them increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Les Martel, Ph.D (Westport , CT)

Martel Consulting Associates, LLC
Martel Consulting Associates is a leadership development firm specializing in leadership assessment/development and high performance team coaching. Les is a management psychologist with deep experience in the assessment and development of individuals and teams utilizing a wide range of assessment tools. For over 20 years he has consulted with Fortune 500 and fast growth companies around the world on their mission critical leadership development challenges. He routinely serves as an executive coach to senior leaders and high potential talent.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Tony Martignetti (Canton, MA)

Inspired Purpose Coaching
Tony is a leadership coach with a specialty in working with leaders and their teams to navigate through change and unlock their true potential. Tony supports leaders in gaining clarity so they can make better decisions, improve their leadership skills and ultimately increase their impact.

Tony is known for supporting leaders in finding clarity so that they are energized, unstoppable and lead with a strong presence. When leaders unlock their potential and lead from a place of inspired purpose, their positive impact and powerful leadership are amplified.

Before sharing his experience as an effective coach, Tony was a finance and strategy professional with experience working with some of the world’s leading life sciences companies. Along his journey, he also managed small businesses and ran a financial consulting company.

Certifications: Hogan        

Paul Martinez (Colorado Springs, CO)

Dynamic Solutions USA, LLC
Paul Martinez is the President of Dynamic Solutions, USA, LLC. Dynamic Solution’s goal is to assist individuals, teams, and organziations in recognizing, developing, owning, and maxmizing their potential and effectiveness by providing employee training and performance solutions that connect organizational goals and objectives with individuals.

Paul is also an executive coach with the Center for Creative Leadership. He has served in this capacity since 2009 and actively supports their Leadership Development Program, Leading Strategically Program, Leadership at the Peak Program, and custom programs. He is priviledged to serve executives at the direct to C-suite level.

Paul holds a Master of Science in Management through Regis Unversity and is completing his Ph.D. through University of the Rockies with an expected completion in 2014.

Certifications: Hogan        

Lisa Mathis (Redding, CT)

Parker Consulting LLC
Parker Consulting LLC is dedicated to enhancing the leadership effectiveness of executives. The company is known for it's quality of delivery, it's responsiveness to client needs and the depth of the information it has developed on the subject of coaching executive leaders.
Our goal is to develop an understanding of your culture, leadership succession planning process and performance management systems.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Craig McCall (Charlotte, NC)

McCall & Associates, P.C.
Craig advises senior managers and executives on the selection and development of talent, and coaches for high-impact leadership and interpersonal effectiveness. Craig has been an organizational consultant for over 10 years and has advised managers through C-Suite executives at small to mid-size to Fortune 100 businesses. Craig earned his Doctorate in Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and a B.A. from Boston College. He is on the coaching faculty at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and splits his time consulting in Chicago and Charlotte.

Certifications: Hogan        

Susan McCandless (Raleigh, NC)

Coach McCandless
Susan McCandless is an ICF credentialed (PCC) executive and leadership coach. As a management and organizational development expert, she works with leaders to co-create deep transformation and culture shifts, inspiring their teams to optimize business results. Susan's methodology centers on developing balanced leaders who excel in their strengths, clearly communicate their vision, build powerful and engaging relationships, and strategically execute the organization’s performance. With Susan’s help and resources, her clients consistently experience increased value to the organization and its stakeholders, leading from the front, thriving in the midst of change and growth.

Susan’s corporate experience as a global Senior Leadership Consultant/Executive Coach/Manager/Leader, and educational background in OD has provided her with a solid foundation of expertise to understand and empathize with her clients’ issues. As a credentialed coach since 2004, she assesses current and desired cultures, and creates a dynamic plan to strengthen core leadership competencies, create meaning, and promote increased strategic productivity and sustainability critical to a leader’s success.

She has created various programs, including Creating Culture Shifts, Woman’s Leadership, and Leadership Development Programs for top talent leaders resulting in acceleration of critical leadership and performance skills, creating metamorphosis within the culture and target audience.

Susan received her Masters of Organization Management and Development from Fielding Graduate University and her Bachelor’s degree is from Eastern Illinois University with a focus in Business Education and Psychology. She has received two certifications in Coaching from Duke University and Fielding Graduate University. Susan is also a member of the International Coach Federation with a Professional Coach Certification (PCC) credential.

Current experience includes work with the London Business School (since 2011); University of North Carolina (UNC) in Executive Education, various MBA programs, and the Bridges Program (Academic Leadership for Women). She also works with Lee Hecht Harrison as a Career & Leadership Coach; and is a Mentor Coach to students of the NC State Business Coaching Program.

She is also a preferred coach for companies such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control), Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Verizon, NIH (National Institute of Health), Habitat for Humanity, Red Hat, Bayer, UPS, Merz, ExxonMobil, Nestle, SunTrust, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Tilt.

Her community service includes being on the Selection Committee for Greenhouse Scholars, an education non-profit that is dedicated to cultivating a community of leaders who will change the communities of the world.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Kelly McDaniel (Simsbury, CT)

With fifteen years in Organizational Development Consulting,Kelly functions as lead project manager on a variety of O.D. related projects, including employee surveys, management development programs, and organizational restructuring. Her seasoned experience in executive coaching, training design and delivery, conflict mediation, personality assessment, HR process redesign, succession planning, performance management system design, organizational renewal and change management, orientation and indoctrination, retention, and recruiting serves hundreds of clients. Kelly is a featured speaker on hiring and workplace cultural trends and practices for both local and national organizations, and an author of several articles on the subjects of hiring, retention, management, and employee development.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Kathleen McHugh (Southport, CT)

KM & Associates
A Certified Executive Coach with nearly 30 years corporate experience as an Officer and Sr. Executive for Marketing, Sales & Strategy functions. I provide coaching and consulting to improve performance, communication skills, presentation skills and self confidence.

Certifications: Hogan        

Julie McKeown (Harrison, NY)

Cor Business
At Cor Business we partner with Boards, CEOs, and C-Level executives to strengthen leadership performance. Founded in 2001, we offer a pragmatic blend of leadership behavior expertise and senior corporate operating experience. Our services include CEO and Executive Coaching, New Leader Transitions, Senior Team Effectiveness, Executive Assessment, Talent Management and Succession Planning, Organizational Consulting, and Change Leadership.

Certifications: Hogan        

Morgan McKeown (Harrison, NY)

Cor Business
At Cor Business we partner with Boards, CEOs, and C-Level executives to strengthen leadership performance. Founded in 2001, we offer a pragmatic blend of leadership behavior expertise and senior corporate operating experience. Our services include CEO and Executive Coaching, New Leader Transitions, Senior Team Effectiveness, Executive Assessment, Talent Management and Succession Planning, Organizational Consulting, and Change Leadership.

Certifications: Hogan        

Robyn McLeod (New York, NY)

Chatsworth Consulting Group
Robyn McLeod is an innovative coach and consultant, with over 25 years of business experience, who works with clients to help them achieve top performance and long-term success. Whether a new leader, seasoned department head, or up-and-coming star, Robyn has helped leaders and managers in both corporate and nonprofit arenas focus on personal growth and breakthrough actions to get the results they need to be significantly more effective in all aspects of their lives. Her firm, Chatsworth Consulting Group, specializes in leadership/management development, team development, and executive and group coaching. Utilizing personal assessments, other tools, skill-building, and goal-setting, CCG helps individuals and organizations articulate and realize their goals through focused action. Thoughtful Leadership – reflecting, thinking, and looking deeper to discover the best approaches and strategies to lead your team and organization to a stronger future – is key. Learn more by visiting or calling 877-405-7288.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Shelley Meibeyer (Harbor Springs, MI)

Self-employed - Leadership Consulting/Coaching
Completed Hogan Certification with PPI while in Corporate Talent & Development at JPMorgan Chase; retired from JPMC in July 2013

Certifications: Hogan        

Annie Merkle (Guilford, CT)

The AMI Solution, Inc.
Annie Merkle is a coach and consultant with over twenty years of experience working with leaders to set their vision and goals and create the action plans to achieve the goals. Annie works with organizations, teams and individuals to develop their strengths and address challenges to enable them to work well together and produce results. She has a successful track record working with corporations, higher ed, non-profit, and mid-sized businesses across a variety of industries. Annie brings a passion for people and expertise in process to help leaders achieve outstanding results.

Certifications: Hogan        

Marcia Metlin (Philadelphia, PA)

Metlin Consulting
Marcia S. Metlin offers more than twenty years of experience in organizational development, with expertise in leadership development, change management, team development, and training. She is the founder and principal in the Metlin Consulting Group, a full range organizational development company in the Philadelphia area.

As a senior consultant to PECO Energy, one of the largest utilities in the U.S., she advised the executive management team regarding strategic change management initiatives to prepare the company for industry-wide deregulation.

While at USLI, Marcia designed and managed intensive sales development for the underwriting staff that was the company’s sole sales force. Focus on the relationship-building side of sales, Marcia combined ongoing role playing, one-on-one coaching and classroom training to build their skills.

As the Director of Organizational Development at the Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Executive Director at United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI), Marcia designed, managed and grew two corporate universities.

Marcia is often described as personable, practical, direct and collaborative. She values developing true partnerships with her clients to create lasting solutions to business issues. She is committed to follow-up as opposed to quick fixes. In her work with Harcourt, Inc., Marcia worked with more than 150 managers developing their leadership skills. Her approach to training is to create learning situations where participants can practice new behaviors in a supportive environment. She combines strong delivery skills, subject matter expertise and a sense of humor to create a powerful learning environment for participants. She invites participants to take risks and learn new skills and is adept at adapting her style to meet the unique needs of the groups an individuals with which she works.

Marcia holds a masters degree in education from Temple University. She has been a featured speaker at the National Association of Woman Business owners annual meeting and a keynote speaker at the Pennsylvania Gas Association annual Meeting. Marcia has participated in advanced training at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, Colorado and at the National Training Laboratories in Bethel, Maine.

Marcia holds numerous professional certifications, including the Clark Wilson 360-degree feedback instruments, Flawless Consulting Skills with Designed Learning, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Marcia lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Charles, and their son, Jacob, and can be reached at 610-348-0209.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Catherine Meyer (Toronto, Canada)

Catalyst Leadership Solutions
Catherine specializes in helping organizations and their leaders achieve high levels of performance by leveraging and aligning the strength of their talent to meet organization's needs.
She has worked in a broad range of industries with expertise in facilitating strategic planning and change, coaching and developing leaders, improving individual team performance and engagement, and training design and delivery.
Underlying her work is a passionate belief that authenticity is key to the “inner game” of leadership – where real leadership success comes from. She has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs, executives, and teams discover their genuine leadership style to rapidly enhance their effectiveness.

Certifications: Hogan        

Mariko Miyamoto (Nashville, TN)

C Space
Nashville-based consultant, Leader of a People Operations, HR, and Talent Acquisition team for a 400-person organization in the Americas.

Certifications: Hogan        

Tim Morin (New York, NY)

WJM Associates, Inc.
For the past 14 years, WJM Associates has been a recognized leader in providing high-impact, practical solutions to Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies seeking to achieve lasting and measurable improvement in the performance of their people at the individual executive, team and organizational level. Our services include Executive Assessment, Coaching, Team Alignment, High-Potential Group Development, and Succession Management.

Our faculty of over 150 highly experienced executive coaches, organizational psychologists and consultants, located around the world, provides maximum flexibility in delivering services designed from the bottom up for the specific challenges of the organization. Our broad spectrum of professionals allows us to fully complement your company’s developmental needs, corporate culture, and even language.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jo Ann Morris (New York, NY)

Integral Coaching LLC
Leading requires courage. I've been an executive coach and organization change consultant for over twenty years. My clients are doing demanding work that makes the world better. Our work together provides them with evidence that they are making a clear and positive difference to their business. It also stretches and builds their capacity to apply courage as a skill to deal with uncertainty and paradox. And that is not enough. My clients should be able to describe the benefits of our work together on their leadership growth and performance, their contributions to family, friends and community and to living courageously.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Robert Morris (New York, NY)

YSC, Ltd
Rob Morris is a managing consultant and manager of the YSC Executive Coaching practice for the Americas. YSC is an international business psychology consulting firm that specializes in leadership assessment for selection, promotion and development.

Rob is passionate about team and individual leader development, with a particular focus on promoting self-awareness and the development of more agile people and teams. To this end, he leverages his experience as a leader in the military, along with his research and consulting expertise, to partner with leaders and organizations in improving their effectiveness.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jennifer Muszik (Indianapolis, IN)

Jennifer Muszik, LLC
Business Consultant & Executive Coach focused on individual and organizational growth and development. Significant experience in the Pharmaceutical / Life Science Industry

Certifications: Hogan        

Elizabeth Needham (Concord, MA)

Elizabeth Needham Executive Coaching
Elizabeth is a trusted advisor and coach to emerging leaders and senior executives, helping them optimize their performance, achieve their goals, and grow themselves and their businesses.
Elizabeth excels in helping leaders communicate, collaborate, manage and influence more effectively. Elizabeth works with clients to establish their unique brand of leadership, expand their leadership presence, communicate their vision, and inspire others towards that vision. Clients get clear on their values, their strengths and how to bring the best version of themselves to their roles, their teams and their organizations.
Elizabeth has 15 years of experience in marketing, business development, relationship management and strategy roles in a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Consumer Products, Legal Services, Digital Marketing, Consulting, and Training and Development. She has worked in a wide range of companies, from early start-ups to well-established corporations with more than 40,000 employees. She understands the challenges of team dynamics, managing relationships in matrixed and international organizations, and innovating and adapting in ever-changing economic markets. In addition to her work as an Executive Coach, Elizabeth is a facilitator and consultant, helping executives, small business owners and teams expand their skills and work more effectively.

Certifications: Hogan        

Frederick Neff (Beverly, MA)

I work with businesses in the area of executive coaching, team building, and organizational development. I also work with professional and elite amateur athletes in the area of performance enhancement. Finally, I have a private practice in Beverly, MA

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Terry Newman (Stamford, CT)

Newman Management Consulting
Terry Newman is Founder of Newman Management an Executive Coaching, Career Advisory & Leadership Development firm. She is a business savvy executive coach who leverages her 28 years of business and leadership experience in her solutions focused coaching and facilitation. Terry has conducted assessments and coached executives and teams from organizations including: ADP, ConEdison, GE, HSBC, PwC, the World Bank, start up and established private companies, and nonprofits, Terry is also an Executive Coach with Columbia Business School’s Program on Social Intelligence. Terry graduated cum laude from Barnard College, Columbia University and earned her coaching certification in Executive & Organizational Coaching from Columbia University. She is certified in CWG 360, Hogan, MBTI, and NBI assessments.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Melanie Ott (Chantilly , VA)

Leap Forward Coaching, LLC
Melanie S. Ott, CSC, SPHR, is the principal and founder of Leap Forward Coaching LLC, a firm dedicated to helping clients achieve greater satisfaction, balance, and success in their professional and personal lives.

With over 25 years of human resource, business management and coaching experience, Melanie is uniquely qualified to guide teams, workgroups and executives through challenging situations and toward greater success. Melanie’s passion and commitment energize the coaching process and help facilitate positive personal and organizational changes that her clients truly value. Melanie was drawn to coaching because she is highly empathic and a powerful communicator and problem solver in one-on-one and team settings.

Melanie is a Certified Success Coach (CSC) through the Success Unlimited Network (an International Coach Federation credentialed program). She is also a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). She holds a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Maryland and a master’s in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development from Virginia Tech.

Melanie is on the faculty of the George Mason University’s Office of Continuing Professional Development and an instructor for the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM).
She was recognized as a Human Resource Leadership Award (HRLA) winner for exemplary leadership in the HR profession and serves in several volunteer leadership roles throughout the community.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Darren Overfield (Greensboro, NC)

Overfield Leadership Group
Darren blends hands-on management experience with a practical way of applying psychology to the workplace. He brings a collaborative style and a pragmatic approach to working with executives and leadership teams. Prior to becoming an organizational consultant, Darren held management positions at General Electric and Genworth Financial in IT, marketing, and as a Six Sigma Black Belt. He earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Virginia and an MBA from North Carolina State University. He was trained as an executive coach at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), where he has served as an adjunct faculty member since 2007.

Certifications: Hogan        

Tecla Palli-Sandler (New York, NY)

LinkedIn: Tecla Palli-Sandler
An accomplished Human Resources executive and MBTI certified practitioner with significant progressive talent and leadership experience. Proven reputation for achieving business results through creativity, teamwork, thought leadership and skillful problem solving. Collaborative and inspirational solutions driven leader with proven success in coaching, team and executive development, succession planning, change management, employee relations, talent acquisition, process improvement, strategic business planning, training and total rewards. Excels in dynamic, values driven and results oriented environment.

Certifications: Hogan        

Christy Pearson (Denver, CO)

Opus Leadership Group
Christy Pearson is a licensed psychologist specializing in management psychology. Her expertise includes executive level assessment and development, which ultimately drives selection decisions, succession planning and leadership development programming. She is adept at advising organizations regarding their talent makeup, to ensure adequate bench strength and effective deployment of leadership capabilities. Additionally, her expertise includes helping leaders navigate through leadership/cultural issues inherent during broad scale changes such as mergers/acquisitions or significant growth of small and mid-size businesses. Her experience covers a diverse array of industries, including banking, energy, professional services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, insurance, manufacturing, restaurant, retail and government. Christy is certified in Hogan assessments, Lominger’s Voices 360° Assessments and Lominger’s Leadership Architect.

Certifications: Hogan        

David Pettit (Princeton, NJ)

Center for Context
David is Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Center for Context, a strategy, change and leadership development consulting firm founded in 2001.
As a trusted adviser to leaders in some of the world’s most respected multinational corporations, David has helped organizations excel in productivity and employee engagement. Using strong facilitation and counseling skills, he works in the areas of large-scale change management, strategy development, process reengineering, organizational design, leadership development and global team development. David is an executive coach to senior leaders and developing leaders around the globe.

Certifications: Hogan        

Edmund Piccolino (Westport, CT)

Piccolino Associates LLC
Seasoned professional executive coach with an extensive C-Suite practice. Core practice areas include leadership coaching; executive assessment; building high performing teams; and strategic talent management. Ph.D. Industrial Psychologist with extensive corporate experience: Currently serving on three Boards: Stew Leonard's; MHW Ltd; and Blue Man Holdings as Board Chairman.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Allan Polak (Hartford, CT)

ALP Consulting Resources
Allan has over 25 years of management and leadership consulting experience in a variety of industries. He has held internal consulting and executive positions in the utility, financial services, insurance and health care industries with The New York Power Authority, PaineWebber, Aetna, The Hartford and Prudential Financial.

Allan has managed line-of-business and corporate departments in management training, staffing and selection, strategic human resources and succession planning, executive and organizational development and HRD strategies/implementation for mergers and acquisitions. He has served as a senior internal and external consultant and coach to managers and executives with their ongoing development, with a special focus on business planning, communication, team performance, business influence, transitioning from functional to strategic leadership and executive level on-boarding and assimilation. Allan has served as a valued coach to executives in engineering, finance, law, insurance and healthcare.

In addition, Allan has designed and delivered a broad range of management and leadership development training experiences, many based on the design principle of leaders learning best from other leaders. These designs range from one hour “quick-hit” modules to multi-day experiences. Topics include behavioral economics, strategic execution, influence, performance management, team performance, leadership styles, organizational design, leadership onboarding and numerous others.

He has also served as a valued consultant in the creation and delivery of assessment centers and business simulations, integrated leadership development programs, sales and sales management selection and training, and 360 degree and survey feedback initiatives in large, matrix environments. Selected clients include New York Power, Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Praxair, Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Sundstrand, Otis Elevator, Carrier and United Technologies Corp.

Allan has presented at several leadership and management conferences, including the International Assessment Center Congress, National Managed Care Forum, The Conference Board, and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

His education includes a B.A. from Colgate University, M.A. in organizational psychology from New York University, completed Ph.D. level coursework there, and post-graduate completion of Wharton’s Securities Industry Institute and Executive Coaching Programs. He is certified and licensed in a broad range of psychological selection and developmental tools, such as Myers Briggs, DISC, Enneagram, the Hogan Leadership Suite, Benchmarks, Profiler, Hay McBer, Emotional Intelligence, Voices 360, Hay Group Leadership Connections and others.

Consistent with his life-long passion for enabling others in their career, skills, leadership and personal journeys, Allan is also certified by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference for high school baseball coaching. He also serves as a Trustee for the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford and on the Board of Directors for the Hartford Tennis Club.

Allan navigates today’s innovative, exciting world from West Hartford, Connecticut. He is most easily reached at 860-965-5071 or at

Certifications: Hogan        

Lisa Prior (Newton, MA)

Prior Consulting LLC
Lisa is passionate about her work (20+ years) as a leadership coach and culture change consultant, serving leaders and highly skilled professionals in healthcare, biopharma, biomedical, academic, financial services, asset management, retail, and non-profit sectors. Lisa understands that leaders at all levels shape the work environment and that leadership and organizational culture go hand in hand. Lisa’s mission: to enable leaders to bring out the best in themselves and their people so they create win-win relationships with one another and the organization. Lisa published her new book on career development, “Take Charge of Your VIEW: Career Advice You Won’t Get from Your Boss” in June 2017. Lisa earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Fairfield University and Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from Boston University.

Certifications: Hogan        

Avalyn Quick (Edwardsville, PA)

1.2.1 Coaching, LLC
Avalyn is a certified leadership coach who works with executive leaders, managers and high-potential professional, assisting them to adapt to changing business environments, focus on top priorities, enhance communication and leadership skills as well as manage their career transitions. She brings more than 18 years of extensive corporate experience to her coaching and business consulting practice.
Avalyn partners with clients to help them envision, clarify and create the professional and personal life they desire while affirming their strengths and identify areas for development, to help them become better and more successful leaders.
She works with companies to develop organizational strategies that strengthen leadership, team dynamics, heighten workforce effectiveness and improve process efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Sara Jane Radin (Fort Lee, NJ)

Performance Advantage Systems
Sara Jane is an Executive Coach to leaders choosing to rapidly achieve breakthrough results so that they are able to consistently perform at their optimum. She works with High Potential Leaders up through C-Level Executives as well as leaders whose conduct is abrasive. Since many of her clients struggle with organizational politics and leading change, using her proprietary influencing technology (Influence2Win2), Sara Jane supports her clients to strategically achieve their key business objectives by expanding their capacity to obtain buy-in for critical decisions. Sara Jane’s global leadership roles in Fortune 50 Companies together with her degree in Psychology and executive development in Finance and Marketing are valued by her clients as the ideal combination to help them address their leadership challenges within the context of their business priorities. Her clients describe her as a professional with impeccable integrity who offers the actionable intelligence they need to rapidly manifest essential results.

Certifications: Hogan        

Ruth E. Ramos (Beachwood, OH)

Compass Consulting Services, LLC
Compass Consulting Services, LLC is a certified minority and woman-owned organizational development firm which helps companies meet their optimal needs by maximizing employee relationships and fostering inclusive work environments. We specialize in the areas of diversity and inclusion management, conflict management, communication, leadership and team building. Compass Consulting Services, LLC offers customized training to meet the needs of the client. Our workshops are experiential and engaging, and progress from low risk to higher risk exercises in order to build trust amongst the group and investment in the work.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Richard Rardin (Newtown, CT)

BenchStrength Development, LLC
Rich Rardin has 30 years of experience in leadership and organization development for a variety of Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries, as well as in nonprofit enterprises. Most recently Rardin has pioneered a best practice process for transforming leadership cultures. As a former director of leadership development for a $5B company headquartered in Connecticut, Rardin has experience in global leadership program design, aligning leadership strategies with business strategies, and action learning processes to accelerate the execution of market-driven business improvement initiatives. Rich is also certified in the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI). Rich can be reached at 203-426-2377

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Barbara Roche (Storrs, CT)

Barbara Roche & Associates
We are a workplace learning and leadership development firm specializing in women's leadership, team-building, and communication. Our clients hire us for fun, relevant, and results-oriented training and coaching, with emphasis on the word fun.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jonathan Rotenberg (Boston, MA)

Executive Coach
I work with "mission-driven" executives in large organizations who are leading transformative change and who thrive on growth & evolution.

Certifications: Hogan        

Diane Rupert (Raleigh, NC)

The Rupert Group, Inc.
Diane Rupert is an organization effectiveness and leadership development consultant with 20 years experience in leadership development, strategic planning, and team building for executives of all levels. Diane's mission is to help leaders accomplish their career goals and build healthy and effective organizations. She has consulted in a variety of industries including both small and large organizations. She provides consulting services and executive coaching to leaders as well as facilitates classes in management, team leader training, conflict management, and change and transition.

Certifications: Hogan        

Diarmuid Ryan (Waterford, Ireland)

DPR Associates
Diarmuid P Ryan, MA, specializes in Leadership Development/Executive Coaching using competency frameworks and personal growth plans using a variety of assessment tools. He also acts as our Hogan representative in Ireland. He is well known for his ability to develop high potential employees, and serve as a trusted and influential coach to CEOs and senior colleagues. He has extensive experience of delivering 360 feedback sessions. He has served in senior HR roles with PepsiCo for over ten years in Europe/Middle /Far East and North America. Most recently, he served as SVP Global Human Resources for JohnsonDiversey Inc.Diarmuid is a Lominger Associate in Europe. He has an MA from the University of Westminster (UK) and a Certificate in Leadership Coaching.

Certifications: Hogan        

Emil J. Sadloch (Yardley, PA)

SADLOCH DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES (SDA) provides a wide array of professional consulting and training services to clients. SDA helps customers exceed organizational goals by strengthening competencies and enhancing collaboration. We help leaders and employees deepen their knowledge, skills, abilities, and commitment. The results: improved productivity, performance, engagement, satisfaction, and collaboration.

SADLOCH DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES provides the following programs and services:

• Leadership and employee development workshops.
• Customized learning designs, including e-learning.
• 360° feedback and leadership coaching.
• Organizational development consulting, needs assessments, surveys, and change management.
• Team development, strategic planning, alignment with organizational strategies, and off-site retreats.

Learning and development for a competitive edge.

Certifications:     Clark Wilson    

Carol Salloway (Boston, MA)

Performa Consulting Group
Carol is an Executive Coach with over 25 years of experience. She helps clients lead from their strengths and address the patterns that hold them back so that they expand their influence and their ability to produce the results they desire.

Carol’s industry experience includes companies in the professional services, financial services, technology, biotechnology, health care, and higher education as well as not-for-profit organizations.

Her credentials include an MBA with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and professional certification as an Executive Coach. Carol’s coaching toolbox is very rich with certifications in the best-in-class leadership development and personality instruments and coaching processes.

Certifications: Hogan        

Robert Satterwhite (Wilton, CT)

Talent Acuity
We are business psychologists who design and deliver executive assessment programs for selection, onboarding, development, high-potential identification, coaching, and restructuring/M&As. These programs include personality and ability testing, interviews, business cases, 360s, and assessment centers. Talent Acuity's consultants have advised nearly 50% of the Fortune 100 as well as small and mid-cap companies, non-profits, and public sector agencies across a range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, hospitality, and the federal government.

Certifications: Hogan        

Michael Seitchik (Philadelphia, PA)

Michael Seitchik LLC
Dr. Seitchik works with high potential executives to facilitate the insights behaviors needed to:

•Develop high potential talent
•Successfully transition in new position
•Improve current performance.

Having coached over 800 executives in Fortune 500 companies through the Wharton School and with private clients, he knows that each situation must be approached differently. His goal is to help make executives as effective as possible by being an objective advisor and not to sell a specific instrument or answer.

He can draw from a network of experienced coaches from around the world that can coach in 7 different languages.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Scott Serviss (, CT)

Leadership Development Consultant
Scott is an organizational consultant who works with individuals, teams and organizations in both the private and public sectors to enhance individual and team capabilities and to make organizations more effective. He provides executive coaching, team development, action learning and consultation to leaders around strategic organizational change and succession planning. He has worked with senior management teams to develop talent management and leadership development programs and is a Board Certified Coach.
Scott has a wide range of experiences as a leader and manager, executive coach, trainer and facilitator, adjunct faculty and non-profit board member.
Scott has been Adjunct Clinical Faculty at doctoral level and masters level graduate programs. He is a board member of the Society of Consulting Psychology and has been published in Consulting Psychology Journal: Research and Practice. He is certified in Hogan Assessments, 360º Feedback Assessments and Development Planning through The Center for Creative Leadership, and is proficient with a number of assessment inventories.
Scott received his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hartford, earned a certification in Organizational Consulting Psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and completed businesses classes at Harvard University.

Certifications: Hogan        

Susan Shaner (Bethel, CT)

Sage Leadership Strategies, LLC
Susan is an executive coach and an organization effectiveness consultant who considers that change is easy - it's sustainable change that is hard and requires clear, consistent, deep effort and support.

In 2006, Susan founded Sage Leadership Strategies, LLC to work with a variety of leaders, organizations and their challenges in a wholistic way. Her approach to coaching is to work with data and intuition to come up with an integrated development plan that is engaging, practical and makes sense.

Susan is particularly experienced in working with high potential senior and mid-level leaders sharpening their game to their next level of success. Prior to founding Sage, Susan worked internally as a leader of development for IBM, GE, Healthnet and Data Switch Corporations. At IBM she worked with the top 300 executives and was responsible for the strategy for the development of the next generation of leaders of the company.

Sage clients are from a range of industries which include the following sectors: professional services, technology, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and non-profit.

Certifications: Hogan        

Gregory Shea (Philadelphia, PA)

Shea & Associates, Inc.
Greg Shea holds a Bachelor's degree from Harvard, an M.Sc. in Management Studies from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. from Yale. He has consulted on leadership and change for over 30 years and is an Adjunct Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Claudia Shelton (West Hartford, CT)

The Hopewell Group, LLC
We serve large corporations, helping people to know their strengths, blind spots and stress points--and how to manage them for best results.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Caren Siehl (Phoenix, AZ)

Thunderbird School of Global Management
More than 10 years experience facilitating debriefs and learning from the Hogan Derailers instrument; team based debriefs and individual coaching; PhD (Stanford University) in organizational behavior. Email:

Certifications: Hogan        

Marion Smith (Waterford, VA)

Elemental Consulting
Marion Smith ACC is Founder and Lead Executive Coach and Consultant of Elemental Consulting located in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington D.C., with a UK office in Dunfermline, Scotland. A professionally certified Leadership Coach, Marion brings more than 20 years of business knowledge and skills to enrich her work with clients. Her business and organizational background is varied and includes organizational consulting in both the private and public sectors. Broad business and technical expertise enhances her understanding of client situations and the challenges faced in companies of all sizes and industries. She coaches and consults with clients on a global basis.
Marion achieved professional certification in Leadership Coaching at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. and is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She holds the status of Chartered Biologist (C.Biol) and member (MSB) with the prestigious Society of Biology in the UK and has a Postgraduate in Information Technology from the University of West of Scotland. Additional professional recognitions include certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) awarded by the Association of Operations Management (APICS) and a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Thomas Soper (Denver, CO)

Northrim Associates Inc.
NorthRim Associates, Inc. founder and Principal Tom Soper has helped clients achieve improved business performance by effectively integrating corporate strategy with their organization’s capability to execute it. He specializes in assisting companies enhance and align their leadership, organization and culture with their strategic intent to achieve their goals and improve enterprise value. He also consults as a senior executive coach and has demonstrated excellence in helping CEO’s and leadership teams of consumer products, financial and professional services, manufacturing, specialty retailing, and restaurant companies expand their individual and organizational capabilities and performance As a former CHRO and operating executive, Tom brings to his client engagements a global business perspective and record of delivering results for Fortune 1000 companies GE, Alexander & Alexander, and Tambrands, Inc., and more recently with leading private equity firms Aurora Capital Group and Questor Partners.

Certifications: Hogan        

Abigail Stason (Mill Valley, CA)

Mindful Leadership Collective
The purpose of the Mindful Leadership Collective is to facilitate mindfulness with business leaders who want to be in conscious relationship while getting things done and making an impact in the world. We gather communities in favor of thriving, connecting, and expanding in infinite vitality.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Jean Stetz-Puchalski (Southport, CT)

Individual Differences at Work
Jean is founder and managing principal of Individual Differences at Work offering personalized solution-focused learning and organizational development consulting, assessment, and executive coaching services to individuals, teams, and organizations. Clients benefit from a proven assessment process and personalized solution-focused learning needed to grow and thrive in the complex world of work. New hires and newly promoted employees thrive, high potentials learn and grow, managers become effective leaders, teams collaborate successfully, and organizational systems work more effectively.

Jean applies behavioral research in a business context. She understands the nuances of interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, organizational behavior, strategic planning, business systems and strategies making her uniquely qualified to help clients meet complex workplace challenges.

Jean partners with clients, whether individuals are looking to invest in themselves or organizations looking to develop their high potentials or build stronger team interactions. She helps clients to identify and leverage core leadership competencies, recognize and meet developmental challenges, recognize and manage emotions (emotional intelligence), and manage conflict strategically.

Success is measured by clients reporting observable behavior changes that lead to increased employee engagement, improved performance, and increased alignment to organizational goals and business outcomes.

Certifications: Hogan        

Christopher Szabo (Las Vegas, NV)


Certifications: Hogan        

David Tate (New Haven, CT)

Tate Consulting Group, LLC
Tate Consulting Group specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, family business consultation, and strategic planning.

Certifications: Hogan        

Tameka L. Taylor, Ph.D. (Beachwood, OH)

Compass Consulting Services, LLC
Compass Consulting Services, LLC is a certified minority and woman-owned organizational development firm which helps companies meet their optimal needs by maximizing employee relationships and fostering inclusive work environments. We specialize in the areas of diversity and inclusion management, conflict management, communication, leadership and team building. Compass Consulting Services, LLC offers customized training to meet the needs of the client. Our workshops are experiential and engaging, and progress from low risk to higher risk exercises in order to build trust amongst the group and investment in the work.

Certifications: Hogan        

Paul Terry (Eagle, ID)

Paul Terry Consulting Group
Paul helps people create career best experiences. He coaches individuals to identify concrete action plans for sustaining and accelerating their levels of contribution. Paul has led numerous engagements with clients in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, food and beverage, insurance and technology. His work has included helping clients with solutions in leadership development, competency design, assessment, selection processes, training program design, talent development, career pathing, and leadership succession strategies. He has led research engagements in the U.S., Brazil, and Asia on workforce demographics, behavior and contribution. He has authored several articles in the areas of performance management, succession planning and career development.

Paul has had his own coaching and consulting practice since 2013. Prior to starting his own practice, Paul worked for Korn Ferry and Emerson in senior leadership capacities. He holds certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). He also is certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Step I™ and Step II™ and in the Hogan Personality Inventory™ (HPI), Hogan Development Survey™ (HDS), and the Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory™ (MVPI).

Paul’s business and personal travels have taken him to 80 countries. He enjoys learning about new cultures and activities that allow him to enjoy the outdoors, such as camping, hiking and river rafting.

Certifications: Hogan        

Jan Thibodeau (, RI)

Jan is an executive coach with more than 20 years of experience coaching leaders across industries and across the globe to have greater impact in their current role or transition successfully to their next role. She uses the results of 360 feedback tools and assessments like the Hogan to gain powerful insights into an individual’s strengths and potential derailers, and then build an action plan to focus on the small changes that will deliver the biggest results. Jan specializes in executive presence, building a personal brand, and effective communication.

Certifications: Hogan        

Suzanne G. Tice (Denville, NJ)

Tice Consulting, Inc.
Suzanne is a results-oriented consultant and executive coach, with a focus on strategies for enhancing individual and organization effectiveness. She helps managers, individuals, teams and organizations move forward, accomplishing business goals through insights gained from structured time out for reflection and learning.

As an executive coach the focus of Suzanne’s engagements vary, with the bulk of her focus on leadership style and interpersonal skill development, emotional intelligence, assimilation, influence and strategy issues. Noted for the energy, enthusiasm and creative thinking she brings to working with her clients, Suzanne has helped clients on multiple leadership development and organizational effectiveness initiatives.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Carol Tilley (Chesterfield, MO)

C.J. Tilley and Associates and Performance Pathways
Professional consulting group dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations achieve optimal performance by focusing on leadership development and performance improvement. Based in Chesterfield, MO, we specialize in organizational development, management consulting, assessment & coaching, competency development, strategic planning and the appreciative inquiry methodology. We keep individuals and organizations on the cutting edge of today's business environment, providing tools that guide our clients in achieving personal and organizational success.

Certifications: Hogan        

Joe Tomaselli (Huntington, NY)

I'm a season executive coach with deep experience in business. I've been an entrepreneur, had senior roles in large national firm, running large field operations and served as the learning officer on the board. And I'm psychologically trained, and possess strong interpersonal skills. All of which and informs my approach working as an executive coach. I've worked with senior leaders from financial services, healthcare, media, technology, firms as an example. I have expertise in self and multi-rater assessments and use these tools to help leverage new awareness and new capacities to make necessary change at senior levels. I'm skilled in conflict management strategies

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Beulah Trey (Philadelphia, PA)

Vector Group Consulting
Beulah Trey is a licensed organizational psychologist who performs facilitation, change management, leadership/team development, and management of complex group dynamics, negotiation, building collaborative enterprises and guiding companies to manage increasingly complex enterprises. In 2007, she co-founded Vector Group Consulting to work with people who do meaningful work amid the sometimes trying economic, political, and psychological forces of organizational life. Vector Group's vision is to free people to do their best work by drawing on techniques from business, systems theory, psychology, and Mussar, the Jewish tradition of ethical and moral character development. From 1991-2007, Beulah was a senior consultant at CFAR, a Philadelphia-based consulting firm that was spun out of the Wharton School in 1987.
She has taught in Wharton’s MBA program, the Aresty Institute and the Medical College of South Carolina. She holds a PhD in Professional Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Swarthmore College.

Certifications: Hogan        

Terry Vallano (Cincinnati, OH)

Xavier Leadership
Terry Vallano PhD is a Senior Consultant with the Xavier Leadership Center (XLC), based in Cincinnati, OH. He specializes in working with organizations implementing Servant Leadership as their primary approach to organizational excellence. In this work, he utilizes the Cardinal Leadership Inventory so that leaders can understand the importance of character for their development. In addition, Dr. Vallano consults with companies who are initiating cultural change, as well as organizations who are attempting to build impactful leadership experiences/programs for their key talent.

Prior to becoming a Senior Consultant with XLC, Terry spent 13 years with Cincinnati Bell, where he created the talent management process, and led the training & development function. He also worked for GE Aviation as organization effectiveness professional. At GE, he was involved with both the Workout and the Change Acceleration processes.

Terry has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Windsor (Canada); an MA in Psychology from the University of Dayton, and a BS in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.

He is certified to use both the self-report and 360 versions of the Cardinal Leadership Inventory. In addition, he is certified to use many other style surveys and 360 feedback instruments.

He can be contacted at or at 513.745-3952.

Certifications:         Cardinal Leadership

Clark Waterfall (Boston, MA)

BSG Team Ventures
Clark Waterfall is the co-founder and Managing Director of BSG. Formerly known as Boston Search Group and founded in 1997, BSG is a boutique retained executive search firm focused on recruiting builder-leaders for growth sector industries. Over the last 25 years in executive search, Clark has remained focused on privately-held, investor-backed clients both private equity and venture-backed. Clark has a multispecialty sector focus that includes deep domain expertise in technology, energy, and healthcare. Clark’s functional executive recruiting breadth includes board director search, CEO, President, COO, CFO and the VP levels across sales, marketing, technology, engineering, and product. While based out of Boston, Clark splits his client time on engagements between Boston, New York and California.

Certifications: Hogan        

Bart Wendell (Petersham, MA)

Wendell Leadership
Bart Wendell Ph.D. is a business consultant and psychologist. A master facilitator and trusted adviser, his clients have included The International Monetary Fund, PBS, NPR, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Fidelity Investments, The Ford Foundation, The United States Air Force Academy and RockTenn, and he is a past seminar leader at The Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Program. He is the author of 'Hot Leaders, Cool Facilitators: Learning To Lead One Meeting At A Time".

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

David Whipp (Cheltenham, UK)

ChangeMaker International Ltd
David Whipp, is based in the UK and specializes in Talent Mnagaement and Leadership Development using competency frameworks and personal growth plans as well as a variety of assessment tools. He is well known for his ability to develop high potential employees, and serve as a trusted and influential coach. He has extensive experience of delivering 360 feedback sessions. He served in senior HR roles with Kraft for over 17 years in Europe/Middle /Far East and North America. In the last 6 years he has run his own consultancy practice working with HR and Business leaders in Global Organizations.

Certifications: Hogan        

Kevin White (New York, NY)

Kevin White Associates
Kevin White Associates (KWA) provides executive coaching and leadership advisory helping executives strengthen the skills they need to realize their full leadership potential. Their direct approach focuses on the issues that accelerate performance and yield high value results. KWA partners with leaders to identify their strengths and leverage these in developing and adopting new behaviors that support desired goals. Clients appreciate the authenticity that KWA brings to each engagement, having faced many of the same business issues and challenges themselves.

KWA certifications include Hogan Assessments and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i/360.

Certifications: Hogan        

Yolan Williams (Monroe, VA)

Sunside Consulting LLC
Dr. Williams has worked with people at all levels to help them reach their full managerial/leadership potential. Using targeted assessments, strategic coaching, and her own business experience, she helps individuals and teams achieve peak performance and improved results.
She produced training and development curricula for many large organizations, created succession planning and leadership development processes which identified high potentials at all levels and worked with senior corporate leaders to fine tune their continuing development needs.
Yolan is certified and experienced with the Hogan Personality Assessments and the Clark Wilson 360 Degree Feedback tools and uses a myriad of development and team building tools to enhance effectiveness.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Sue Williamson (Wellesley, MA)

3D Leadership Group LLC
Are you looking for a team of certified, trained, and experienced coaches? 3D Leadership Group is a boutique coaching firm working with clients in the Boston and New York markets. Our team of 8 ICF certified coaches deliver a variety of assessments, individual and team coaching, and leadership workshops. Our clients appreciate the ease of working with us, our high quality delivery, and the consistency of a centralized process.

Certifications: Hogan        

Stephen Witte (Danbury, CT)

Consultation Services
Steve is an Executive Coach, change management and organization development consultant with 20+ years experience. He works with all C-suite leaders as well as exceptional individual contributors, such as R&D scientists, and others with very specialized skills. He has worked in various industries, including: pharmaceuticals, refining & petrochemicals, financial services, healthcare and entertainment. In addition, he has lived and worked overseas on extended international assignments where he has coached American and Ex-Pat executives in manufacturing startups and joint ventures. He is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.

Certifications: Hogan        

Marian Wright (Cleveland, OH)

Wrightside Consulting
Marian Wright is the President of Wrightside Consulting and a seasoned Human Resources leader across all human resources functions in a Fortune 200 company. She has coached leaders at all levels to enhance their performance and guided the transition of leaders in new roles for nearly 15 years. She has partnered with executives to lead change, drive talent management initiatives and lead large-group development activities. She has extensive experience building scalable development programs and selecting leaders. She created the talent management function in a 3500-person Information Technology organization to elevate the organization's ability to select, develop, deploy and retain top talent.

Certifications: Hogan        

Leonard Wysocki (Marlborough, CT)

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching & Therapy
Len Wysocki is a licensed Psychologist and Consultant in Executive Coaching, Management Training and Organizational Development. He consults and privately practices in the Northeast Region.
Len has held a variety of generalist, specialist and management positions in Human Resources and Organizational Development within several Fortune 500 organizations since 1978.
In addition to his private practice and organizational consulting work, Len is on the Industrial/Organizational Graduate faculty of the University of New Haven teaching both Clinical and Organizational Psychology courses in the MAIOP graduate Program.

Certifications: Hogan        

Steven Yorra (New York, NY)

The Illumination Group
The Illumination Group is an Executive/Career Coaching Consultancy based in New York City. We help talented, successful executives and professionals create a vision for what they want to achieve, by connecting them to who they are at their core – so they and their organizations can shine. Our executive and career coaching helps our clients become more self-aware and intentional about what they want. As a result, they become more energized and better positioned to accelerate their performance. And when they are aligned with organizational goals, they deliver increased value. Greater impact. Stronger results. Best of all, our coaching delivers a valuable ROI, which means stronger engagement and a competitive advantage. We help: Senior Executives — strengthen leadership and presence High Potential Talent — accelerate impact and performance Professionals — transition into a new role, job or career Entrepreneurs & Consultants — build or launch a business College Students & Graduates — clarification of career direction

Certifications: Hogan        

Yael Zofi (Brooklyn, NY)

AIM Strategies, Applied Innovative Management Strategies
Yael Zofi specializes in coaching on people management issues around handling transitions, managing up and developing influence skills. She has authored several books on building relationships, developing global leadership and leading virtual teams. Throughout her career, Yael worked with global clients in the financial services, high-tech, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries. Yael previously worked internally with J.P. Morgan, Accenture and Price Waterhouse Coopers. Yael is a frequent guest speaker to professional organizations, academic institutions, and board groups, and former professor with New York University.

Certifications: Hogan     Clark Wilson    

Todd Zukewich (Maracaibo, Venezuela)

Escuela Bella Vista
Todd is an experienced international school leader with a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology from Columbia Teachers College. He is a change leader and consultant and has extensive overseas teacher and administrator recruiting experience. Todd is available to work with International Schools interested in using Hogan Assessments for leadership selection and staff development.

Certifications: Hogan